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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wednesday hair post #3 in 2012

wouldn't you know it...  my camera broke.  its batteries went dead half way through closing the lens.  it's happened before and i've been able to remedy it, but not this time.  it's frozen. 

however, i did do TWO hair-dos on my girlios this past week.  i think the father-daughter ball hair festivities reminded them (well, binkins really) that i could still do hair... AND that i love to.  so, now she's letting me do her hair each morning again.  little boo never fired me.  but now i'm having more fun with hers too.  still a no-go on the old one...  i think our time is past.  :(

boo first:

  1. i parted her hair down the middle.
  2. i tied her short front hair back on each side of the part, leaving her bangs hanging down.
  3. i sectioned off some more hair, and on each side -again- and put another piggy, but pulled it close to her ears. 
  4. i pulled the rest into low piggies.  she looks SO cute in piggies.  her hairs different lengths are so hard to get into tails though...  here's how it worked.

i love the little smiling reflection in the mirror!!!

simple simon.

and now binkins: 

  1. i parted off the front half and the back half of her head with an ear-to-ear part.  i put the back half in a pony, to keep it out of my way.
  2. i gave her a side (in the front) to middle (center of head) part.
  3. i started braiding toward the back, on the short side of the part.  i french braided back, up, *around the back (by the ear-to-ear part), back up towards the front, around the front, and back to where i started... a halo. 
  4. now this part is confusing to explain, because it's even confusing to do... *when i started braiding around the back, on each strand that i brought to the back of the head, i'd drop some hair off (this is called an angel braid).  i've tried to do this other ways, but this is the only way -so far- that i've gotten it to hold.  it's not quite as pretty as the other ways... but since it held, it's prettier at the end of the day!
  5. when i got to the start of the braid, i braided just a bit further and then pinned it it and curled (yes, i never thought i'd have to CURL my binkins' hair!!!) the angel strands and the end of the braid pony in ringlets.
  6. she had a few sticker-outers that i covered up easily with a simple flower clip.

not so simple simon. 
now... why don't you take the time to read through some of my previous posts that you've missed...

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


troybee said...

It is pleasant to read about your goings-on. This last one makes me want to go and cut my kids' hair.

Kimberly said...

When did those babies get so big?! Love their hair. :)

MamaT said...

our boys sure need hair cuts! especially jones!!! we've been telling him that for months, but otter pop started cutting his hair last hair cut and so now he (jones) doesn't want me to do it anymore.

MamaT said...

kimberly, that's what i think every time i see your two youngest ones. especially the babe!!! i realize she's approximately the same age as starboy... but golly, when i've only seen her a handful of times: SHE'S HUGE!!!!!