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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

wednesday hair post #1 in 2012

i must nest by doing hair because in september of 2009 i have about 3 dozen (or more) pictures of my girls and their cute hair-dos.  that was about 2 months before my boy was born.  now, about 2 months before my girl's arrival, i'm just craving some hair to play with!  boo has been great and her hair is getting longer... but it's still short and it's hard to make it look cute ALL DAY LONG.  it'll usually look cute for about 30 min. or so.  :(

i've found some really pretty long hair-dos on pinterest that i've tried on myself.  -in the mean time-  i'll tell you what...
  1. they're not all as easy as they look.
  2. they're not all as pretty as they look.  i've done a few where they're really pretty from the back (just like the picture)... but the front. .  .  .  yeah, not so much.
  3. they don't all work with gobs of hair!  i don't know what to do with all the leftovers after i've completed the task.  (i pretty much still have a head of hair either underneath or on top!)
  4. nothing is going to help all these little burned up hairs i have sticking up above my forehead!  :(

with and without flash... i'm pretty sure they show either way!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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