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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wednesday hair post #2 in 2012

i tried out 3 hairstyles this past week.  yes, you heard me right.  3 DIFFERENT girls, let me do their hair!  unfortunately i only got a good picture of one.  but that's OK... because re-read the first and third sentence!!!!!
hair-do #1.  boo. 

i did this idea, except i parted her hair down the center and did this on each side.  i curled the pony, and then flipped out the hair that was down (and not in ponies). 
four little ponies on each side, just pulled down and through the center.  easy.  but really cute.  see?

hair do #2.  binkins.
she wanted an angel braid.  i accidentally thought she meant an angel halo braid.  so that's what i did. i started over one of her ears, french braided along the back, up the other side and over the front... into a halo. 

also, adding to the cuteness, binkins lost her first front top tooth about a week ago.  see?

hairdo #3.  wolfie. 
this one was fun because she doesn't have a baby head and her hair is almost all a great length.  not too long, but not too short.  it's layered though, so that always makes things a little harder, but makes them prettier in the end. 
i found this idea on pinterest without a tutorial, but it looked easy enough. 

it was pretty easy, but i had a hard time making the buns look pretty.  i suck at bobby pins!  but, it worked out.  she looked fabulous!
i took three small sections from the short side of the part and loosely braided them.  i parted off the large side of the part and twirled it back into a bun.  after the bun was complete, i tied the braid around it.  each of the braids were just barely long enough.  at first, i stacked the buns on top each other, but wolfie said she wanted them staggered, which is how the picture shows to do it.  also, at first, all of my buns were too tight and neat... i had to re-do each of them and loosen them up -which made my bobby pinning easier.

three views.  see?

happy hair day!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Liz said...

I'm glad I went out and checked out the girls when they stopped to get the belt. The all looked so pretty!

bonniebee said...

I like that last one that you tried on Wolfie. I might have to try that one. Emphasis on might...