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Thursday, February 9, 2012

awarded to me, on this fine february day...

by my awesome, wonderful, sweet friend and confidant that i have posted about before on several accounts (friendships that workfriends,  -although neither of those are specifically about just her, but are you my mother was sharing her story...)  anyway, to make this a little more personal, i'll call her "kimberly".  she gave the the "liebster award"!  isn't that just the sweetest?!  (since it is, in fact february and we're all guilty in being caught doing random sweet things this month.)  "kimberly" has a blog entitled One Fine Day.  she writes it herself.  yeah, she's just that amazing.  it's a family blog, but her family is extraordinary.  click the link and check it out...  i dare ya. 

anyway, unless you know a smidgen of german, you might not understand my comment on the sweetness of this award.  so, i'll help you out.  but i only know a little german, as high school was a LONG LLLLOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG time ago all of a sudden.  liebe means to love.  so, according to what "kimberly" posted at least, liebster means dearest, beloved, or favorite.  i'm sure she picked me for the favorite part...  :)
anyway, so here are the rules when given the award:

1.  You must link back to the person who bestowed the award.  (but of course i wanted to do that anyway.  so i did it already AND went a little overboard by daring you all to click it and read some.)
2.  You must give this award to five other bloggers with fewer than 200 readers.  Please let them know through a comment on their blog.  (okie dokie.  i read about 5 or so blogs...)
3.  Post the beautiful award on your blog.  (i'm assuming that's what this post is all about.  if that isn't sufficient i'm sure the award-maker will kindly inform me.)
4.  Bask in the glory bestowed upon you and appreciate all the amazing bloggers out there.  (um... that's kinda a weird rule if you ask me.  but again, if i'm not following the rule, i'm sure the rule-maker/award-maker will again kindly inform me of my disobedience.)
5.  Spread the joy!  (Jesus Others Yourself...  check check check.)

i will pick my five winners with the definition "dearest" in mind.  so here are five dear blogs that i read:
LIFE ABUNDANTLY: fruits in the making--of midwifery, wifery, women's wellness, and womanhood.
OUR BECKER FAMILY:  updates and random mutterings of their Becker family.
THE CURRENT TROYDANIELBECKER: goings-on for your perusal.
WE TALK DINOSAUR:  their journey to discover and encourage their children's passions and interests.
FROM THE KITCHEN OFa collection of handwritten recipes from Gramma Thora to her family...

now, i realize that i've published that last one... but the REAL author is near and dear to me and i can't think of a liebsteryer author!  don't worry, i know she doesn't follow any other blogs, so it'll be a dead end there (absolutely not intended pun).  i won't award MYSELF the award!!!!
 Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


MamaT said...

google isn't let me post any comments... so rule #2 is broken already.
i'll try again tomorrow if i remember.

MamaT said...

there. now i've obeyed.

troybee said...

thank you, dear one!