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Saturday, February 11, 2012

things they don't tell you

i started this post 10/18/11...  how fitting.
i haven't been pregnant for almost two whole years.  the things a woman forgets is quite ridiculous.  i know i've heard that's the only reason why women have multiple kids is because they forget a lot.  i disagree... but that's just me.  i of course can't remember why i think that.  ;)
anyway, but what i thought would be fun to list off is things that i've found that "they" don't prepare you for in pregnancy.
  1. you pee a lot.  not really a lot, but often. 
  2. you can't think.
  3. you can't remember.
  4. your belly stretches out a lot.  (what?!  no one told you???)  you don't understand unless you get pregnant.
  5. you itch.
  6. your baby doesn't just kick... sometimes he/she tickles too.
  7. you cry, for no reason.  and you don't understand... but you like it.
  8. you smile when you see babies, even if you're in a grumpy mood.
  9. you're in a grumpy mood a lot!
  10. your feet might grow.  (a whole size or more)
  11. your boobs grow too... BEFORE the baby's born.  (a whole two sizes or more). 
  12. they also leak.  -don't try to plug them though.  it's fine.
  13. things make you mad, that normally would just brush right by you.
  14. lots of things annoy you.
  15. people hurt your feelings... every single day.  even kids.  yeah... it's sad.
  16. your skin changes colors in different areas for different reasons.  instead of leaving this to your imagination, i'll give you an example: (don't be afraid.  read on guys.)  my armpits are dark.  even when they're freshly shaven.  but sometimes it's a line down the center of your abdomen.
  17. your temperature is warm.  all the time.  no matter what.  sometimes (often times) too warm.
  18. you get gassy.  out of your rear, it reaks (seriously, like nothing you've ever smelled before!), but out of your mouth you want to burp (a lot!  and it hurts.  i have my lovely burp me sometimes -like you would a baby- because it hurts so bad and it has to come out!!!)
  19. you can smell so much better.  but sometimes this isn't a good thing.
  20. ... 
i'm sure there are LOADS more.  you can help me with that.  i just came across this post, but started it last october.  i tell ya, #2 and 3 are really true!!!!!!!!!!!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

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Liz said...

this made me chuckle. I agree that you really don't forget, well. I don't forget how much I hate being pregnant and why. This is my idea on that, 1st baby- you hear it's gonna be bad, but ya hope. 2nd baby- ya know it was bad, but, ya hear every time is different, so ya hope. 3rd time, ya realize that there is no hope but do it anyway for the sweet little blessing at the end. :D