"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Sunday, February 19, 2012

what went on this past week?

well, a lot.
monday and tuesday were normal days.  but wednesday ended up as a horrid day.  here's an un-brief synopsis:  i went out in the morning expecting to get all my few errands completed before i had to pick jones from school at noon.  otter pop called and asked me to get the oil changed while i was out. 
so, i got to sears with boo and starboy.  got out.  and waited and waited and waited for the guy to stop talking with the other customer.  there weren't any cars in the garage.  they were just having one of those man talks where the one guy was trying to prove his knowledge to the other guy.  i'm sure you've heard of those??? 
we waited for about 20 minutes (yes, i'm serious) and then they finished.  by that time, i knew i wouldn't have enough time to get it done by the time i'd have to leave, so i asked if i could schedule an appointment for after i picked up jones.  well, no, they only did drive-ins...  but it would only take 30-45 minutes.  i advised him to please not get busy and i'd be right back.
well, he didn't listen to me.  i picked jones up, grabbed the kids something to eat, and dropped the car off.  at that time i was told it'd be about an hour.  but that was ok, i still had my errands from the morning that had to get put off so i could wait in line to be told that i could come back.  so, we went and wasted an hour and got my errands completed.  we doddled back to sears, wasting as much time as possible because i still hadn't been called, even though it was a good hour... maybe even another half too. 
i got to the counter and asked if we were ready and he said, yes, they were just backing it up.  so that was perfect!  i waited at the counter while he took a decade of minutes to get the paperwork together... and then another few more decades of minutes while he did something else... 
the kids were really doing well.  i had told them to sit down by the counter and wait patiently for me (and the guy).  they were having a hard time standing... and then they were having a hard time sitting and not laying... they (and i) were EXHAUSTED!
so then starboy ran off.  and i couldn't catch him.  and then i couldn't find him.  and no one had seen him...  and i started to panic.  i had left jones and boo at the counter so i could find starboy... and i had looked EVERYWHERE and couldn't imagine how NO ONE had seen him.  so i didn't even know what to do as i was running back to the counter to get jones and boo to help. 
and then someone found him.  -he was trying to get out the door.-  phew.  AND it looked like the guy was back at the counter ready for me. 
there's a bit more of waiting that we still had to do, but it's not important.  it was just ridiculous.  it was nearly 3pm by the time we got home. 
it was just too much for me to handle. 
i'm a patient person.  it was just too much.  as i was driving home, i was so ... emotional ... the kids were asking if i was mad... but i wasn't mad.  i just wasn't happy.  so i started crying. 
pregnancy is so weird. 
it wasn't a such horrible day.  i just felt like it was.  at about 4, i went to the school to help binkins' girl scout troop finish up their ireland thinking day booth stuff.  and came home for dinner that must've made itself somehow...  ???  i sent the kids and i went to bed at 6:20, right after dinner.  and fell fast asleep.  and so did they.
thursday was much better, but still busy.  i had a dr's appointment in the morning and a massage in the afternoon.  i spent after-massage hanging out with my friend's house who had graciously watched my three little units.  i got home about 4:30 and realized i needed to make dinner.  so i started that, then met otter pop at the men's warehouse to get him a suit for the father-daughter ball on sunday.  i was pretty much gone ALL DAY LONG!  which is very rare for me.  very rare.  although, now, it was pretty much two days in a row!
thursday night though i really didn't sleep.  i felt like i was being kicked and poked and prodded and abused (in the back) ALL NIGHT LONG!  poor otter pop didn't sleep much either because i kept pushing him away imagining that it was him kicking me...  we woke up friday morning grumpy!  when i rolled over, the pain went to my belly and i realized it must have been back labor i was feeling because it totally turned into front labor (regular contractions).  they were hard and they were persistant, but not really regular.  i took a bath and some tylenol and laid back down.  they subsided a bit, but i started getting a very sharp cervical pain, in my cervix area.  oh my lands, i was sure that buttercup was trying to push her head out and take her first breath...  oh my lands, it hurt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly!  i pretty much just wanted to sit on the pot, which to me, meant i was starting labor.  my stool was soft and the pain escelated so much that i started to throw up also... 
i called the dr. and they advised i come to the hospital so that labor and delivery could check me out.  so, we went.  and by the time i got there i wasn't having contractions anymore, just the cervical pain.  they did the routine checks and sent me back home.  i continued to have the cervical pain all throughout the day and night and next morning. 
saturday afternoon, after taking a little nap, i peed out a rock. 
...aparently i have kidney stones! 
the rest of the weekend went well.  the "sharp cervical pain" subsided.  i had a great day today.  i woke up rested, lounged around most of the morning, got my menu built, went grocery shopping, did up my girls to look beautiful, and sent them on a date with their father.  then, i made a delicious sundried tomato sauce, poured it over fettucini and chicken.  wow.  it was amazing!  and so was my sweet masculine company that shared the meal with me.  they liked it too! 
anyway, the day is done now, and i'm off to bed. 
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Nicnic said...

goodness gracious! Your terrible day really is funny in retrospect from what I thought it would be!!! I would have been pretty upset if that were me too! Love you mamat!!!

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Liz said...

oh my goodness! I didn't even think of anything like kidney stones! I'm glad you are feeling much better!