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Thursday, February 2, 2012

what's in a name?!?

well, after a few months of being kinda unsure, but still pretty firm... buttercup is now nameless.  :(  i know, you're all shocked and disappointed... but, well, the good thing is: she has always been nameless to you all!!! 
i guess we're back at square 1.  so, here's to another round of
THEBABEWITHNONAME  here's a post i did around this time for starboy... perhaps you'll remember.  perhaps you'll enjoy. 

ps.  i'm slowly in the process of transferring all my old blogs from myoldspace to this one... it's taking a while... but it'll get done.  this (above link) is an oldie.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


bonniebee said...

We went into the recovery room with 0 names for Annie. We spent 2 days with our babewithnoname before we just had to pick or else they weren't going to come by with the birth certificate registration form thingy again. Okay, we didn't cut it that close, but still. And Annie wasn't even a name that we considered before. But sometimes when you know, you just know. I'm positive that when you guys know, you'll just know and it will be perfect!

troybee said...

Here are the top 100 for you to peruse, contemplate, and avoid or not. I am kind of in a Naomi mood today.

1. Isabella
2. Sophia
3. Emma
4. Olivia
5. Ava
6. Emily
7. Abigail
8. Madison
9. Chloe
10. Mia
11. Addison
12. Elizabeth
13. Ella
14. Natalie
15. Samantha
16. Alexis
17. Lily
18. Grace
19. Hailey
20. Alyssa
21. Lillian
22. Hannah
23. Avery
24. Leah
25. Nevaeh
26. Sofia
27. Ashley
28. Anna
29. Brianna
30. Sarah
31. Zoe
32. Victoria
33. Gabriella
34. Brooklyn
35. Kaylee
36. Taylor
37. Layla
38. Allison
39. Evelyn
40. Riley
41. Amelia
42. Khloe
43. Makayla
44. Aubrey
45. Charlotte
46. Savannah
47. Zoey
48. Bella
49. Kayla
50. Alexa
51. Peyton
52. Audrey
53. Claire
54. Arianna
55. Julia
56. Aaliyah
57. Kylie
58. Lauren
59. Sophie
60. Sydney
61. Camila
62. Jasmine
63. Morgan
64. Alexandra
65. Jocelyn
66. Gianna
67. Maya
68. Kimberly
69. Mackenzie
70. Katherine
71. Destiny
72. Brooke
73. Trinity
74. Faith
75. Lucy
76. Madelyn
77. Madeline
78. Bailey
79. Payton
80. Andrea
81. Autumn
82. Melanie
83. Ariana
84. Serenity
85. Stella
86. Maria
87. Molly
88. Caroline
89. Genesis
90. Kaitlyn
91. Eva
92. Jessica
93. Angelina
94. Valeria
95. Gabrielle
96. Naomi
97. Mariah
98. Natalia
99. Paige
100. Rachel

MamaT said...

those would be names we'd avoid for sure.

Alexis said...

I read this after I had posted about Ari's name. Good luck!! Names are hard and we seriously never know until the week before they are born it seems. This was a first and I am happy it is taken care of. You will know when it is right and you might need to wait until you see her. We have done that with both kids. We just had a list and when they were born it was what worked. Girl's names that have always been on the list were my grandma's names so I don't think you really want those:) LOL Good luck!!

MamaT said...

it's cool... we knew binkins', jones', and boo's before they came out. long before they came out. so, i'm not worried like i was with starboy.
we have a few to think from, so that actually makes it better than with starboy!