"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Friday, July 23, 2010

mid-year 2010

Jul 23, 2010


Current mood:accomplished
starboy is 18.8 pounds, that's 18 lb. 13 oz.  he's in the 50% if you're one of those that cares about that.  starboy is 26 3/4 inches long.  he's in the 20% for height.  his head circumference is 18 inches.  there was no % blank for that, but nothing was said about it, so that must be about par, i suppose...  he still nurses every four hours during the day and goes 8 hours at night.  he eats all his veggetables and most of his fruit (still haven't tried pears).  he usually eats wheat cearal or oatmeal in the morning after a fruit serving.  then he eats a vegetable serving mid-day followed by a little rice.  in the evening he usually will eat another vegetable serving with a big bowl of rice.  he really likes food.  he naps in between feedings for about 1-1.5 hours and goes to bed at 8, sleeping until about 7am (with a feeding around 4).  he likes his sleep too.  i like him!  he's a real sweetie.  he's fairly shy (or VERY compared to my others).  he crawls around and pulls up to everything.  he'll walk around things as well.  last night he stood alone for about a half of a minute (maybe longer).  i couldn't believe it.  i was there holding his hand, but he wanted to two-hand the toy he had, so he kept pushing my hand away.  after realizing what he was doing, and what this would mean, i decided to let go... and there he stood... and stood... and stood!  i was just in awe! 
jones is a square.  he's 42 pounds and 42 inches.  he's in the 90% for both weight and height.  he's a sturdy boy.  sometimes i feel like he's just too heavy to pick up.  his legs are all scratched up again.  partially because of bug bites, but partially because of the excema again.  everything else about him looks active.  he has lots of other scratches and stuff like that.  he rides his bike now (finally).  he's a cautious rider, not trying anything new -or fast.  he's learning how to be a gentleman: opening doors (and then holding them open for the ladies), "ladies first" ALWAYS, love, respect, and protect (over and over and over).  i think he's catching on.
binkins hasn't had an appointment in a while so i just had her go step on our scale.  she is weighing in at 41.6.  yep, she's been passed up by her little brother.  we've known this has been coming for 4 years now.  she's still taller though, for now.  she's really excited to be in kindergarden.  we're still struggling with her selfish nature.  she is having a hard time remembering to think of others first, self last.  she reminds me so much of wolfie at the same age!
boo is cute.  she weighs 29.6 and she has good manners too.  but she sure catches a lot of raunchy behavior from the older kids and has quite a spirit to dish it out.  i can see her little mind working though and i think we'll have some drastic improvement when the kid to parent ratio goes from 5:1 to 3:1 next month.  she loves interaction and hopefully she'll get more of it with me.  her hair is so long and beautiful and i really love doing it.  wolfie did it yesterday though and it looked like a doll's!!!!!!!
wolfie is just an inch or less shorter than i now and weighs significantly less (110).  she's found that she enjoys reading again (duh!).  she still loves to draw... she's currently drawing lots of dragons.  her current favorite movie is astro boy.  she entered into our church's middle school youth group and she loves that.  she's all into so many different things these days it makes me roll my eyes in wonder.  she's sure growing up.  she has a beautiful heart and is becoming very responsible.  i sure love wolfie.
otter pop and i have joined a church league softball team.  it's been so fun to get back into playing sports.  otter pop has such a natural talent.  they put him at shortstop, but he doesn't know much about softball.  it's not the best place for him, but he does a great job!  i've been improving each game too, so that's fun as well.
otter pop started full time employment.  it's been nice to have income again after nearly six complete months without!  god is good and his provision is amazing.
i am learning about new things such as fertility, drugs, raising girls, and baking/cooking in a healthier way.  i am in the process of eliminating sweets from my diet as i have become quite addicted.  it's way too hard i'm ashamed to say.  but i'm doing it nevertheless!  i weigh 155 again and i should weigh 125-130.  cutting sweets should help drop about 5-10 pounds, the rest will have to be lost with increased excercise.  i think my eating portions are adequate, as long as there aren't any other siblings around me. 
i want to appologize for the lack of communication on our part.  we've been struggling with personal issues for the past month and a little bit.  i am eliminating the computer as part of my daily routine because it sucks me in for hours.  that being said, it's been almost an hour and starboy needs me more than you. 
all our love passed to you and your family... 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."