"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wednesday hair post 5

since my fire incident with my hair... i've been trying lately to find creative, but cute ways to cover up my little "burn aways".  they're a little less than an inch long and sticking straight up these days. 
i used to wear caps and do-rags fairly frequently.  i don't know if they're still in style... but those are the easiest solutions.  i got a few of those really cute little caps (they kinda look like the olden-day golfer hats) that everyone seems to be sporting these days.  i like them.  i like my black one better than the brown one.  and i gave my cream one to my biggest girl.  she looks cute in anything!  i've also wrapped some ribbon around too.  and headbands... right up in front.  i'm sure that looks real awesome... but no one has teased me yet!

what are some ideas you could give me about covering the very front hairline in a feminine way???

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

gratituesday : sewing machine

i'm SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful for my sewing machine i got for christmas last year.  otter pop's mom gave it to me and she TOTALLY surprised me with it!  it is one of the greatest gifts i've ever received because it's so useful. 
i've never been taught how to sew... so i went through a period of sewing machine depression.  you know, having one, but not using it.  however, i was encouraged recently that i CAN do it.  and believe it or not, i really can.  my lines are getting straighter and my stitches are holding two pieces of fabric together nicely. 
not everything i make looks like it came from the store... but not all of it looks like it came from my sewing machine either.  so i'm enjoying it.
i don't like to place value in material possessions, but i am sure thankful for my sewing machine!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Friday, November 25, 2011

putting the thanks back in turkey day

it really irks me when people say "happy turkey day".

we had a blessed thanksgiving, full of things i'm thankful for.  1st, my family.  each and every one of them.  they are each so different, but yet i love them all so much.  2nd, for food God provides for us.  we had a wonderful turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams, cranberry sauce, olives, dressing, and rolls.  it wasn't perfect, but it sure was good.  sophie brought over pies for dessert.  we had cherry and pumpkin.  for breakfast i made some pumpkin muffins that were the best muffins i've ever had in my whole entire life!  they were AWESOME!  perhaps i'll make some more and friday food post it today...  3rd, for time with each other.  we spent the whole day just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.  it makes me love my family all the more. 
some things i take for granted.  here's a short list i came up with today when things weren't going "right". 
  1. i'm thankful that usually my car doesn't have a flat tire.  i'm happy that i don't run over screws EVERYDAY.  it's so nice to be able to jump in the vehicle and go where i need... 
  2. i'm thankful that i have a husband that can fix things.  i'm thankful that he appreciates me.  i'm so glad that he is patient.  to expect these things are nonsense!  (i've heard enough "bad husband" stories.)
  3. i'm thankful that my oven works even when the convection option doesn't.  some people don't even have the convection option!
  4. i'm also thankful that 3 of my burners work... 
  5. i'm thankful that we have the means to buy things when we NEED them.  this hasn't always been the case!
  6. i'm thankful for the kids when they obey the first time with a happy heart... to expect more is almost like expecting them not to be sinful. 
i hope you had a happy thanksgiving.  take time to be thankful and not take things for granted...
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

gratituesday : awesome deals!

talk about shallow, but i am taking up the thanksgiving tuesday gratituesday to post about how thankful i am for GOOD DEALS!  no wait.  not good deals, AWESOME DEALS!!!!  yeah, that's better.
i mean, it's not shallow... because in that recent post i did about blessings, we are to be thankful in everything...
let me tell you though about my awesome deal today.  i bought 8 (that's e-i-g-h-t) long sleeved shirts (that's l-o-n-g-s-l-e... you get it) for $35.  and they were new (that's n-e-w)!  ok, it doesn't stop there.  well, the buying part does.  but i was in the store for less that 30 minutes... WITH 3 KIDS!  you heard me right.  i bought 8 shirts for $35 in less than a half hour with three kids in tote.  the trip to the store (old navy) and back home was a total of 39 minutes.  the receipt claims that i saved a total of $101 something.  i usually don't pay attention to those numbers, but the three digit number caught my eye.  and now i have some long sleeved maternity shirts!  hip hip horay!

i don't think life is all about me or that i'm God's favored child... but today He sure was looking for an opportunity to make me smile because i smiled all the way home and am still smiling.  :D  yeah, awesome deals are a gift from God.  thanks God!!!  He's who i'm thankin'...

i forgot to mention that i got out of the mall parking lot in about 30 seconds.  somehow (because even when it's not holiday season that street is never clear) there was NO TRAFFIC crossing the busy street and i was able to just pull on out AND TURN LEFT!!!  yeah, God is GOOD!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

menu for thanksgiving week

last year i forgot about thanksgiving.  i didn't buy groceries for the grand feast.  i think we still had a traditional thanksgiving dinner, but we might not have... i don't remember for sure.
this year i made my menu and remembered about thanksgiving.  and when i went grocery shopping, i also remembered about thanksgiving.  :)  i'm on top of it!
here's my menu with as many recipes as i could link.
  • thanksgiving dinner:  turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, sweet potatoes (that are actually yams -not from a can- this year.  the "sweet" link is cooking the yams, the "potatoes" link is making them yummy), jellied cranberry sauce (straight from the can to the serving plate), stuffing (that is actually dressing this year, and every year for us.  this year in the crock pot!  ingenious!!!), and rolls (i can't believe i haven't posted this ParkerHouseRolls recipe of gramma's yet!)
  • vodka creme pasta, with chicken and broccoli
  • sloppy joes, using this sauce, with french fries
  • crock pot cheeseburger dinner (a throw-it together crock pot meal with things like: hamburger, onion, potatoes, cheese, tomato soup, etc)
  • meatloaf, twice baked potatoes, and green beans
  • pulled pork sandwiches and corn
  • chicken parmesan over spaghetti noodles, and green peas
  • basil and garlic chicken (baked chicken thighs sprinkled with lots of dried basil, garlic powder, garlic salt, and seasoned black pepper),with rice pilaf and garlicky granny green beans
  • spaghetti and garlic bread sticks (courtesy of jones, he's making them from a recipe he learned at school)

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

13 on the 13th

who has a teenager in the house?  we do!  we do!!!
this is adejay with the lunch ladies that she serves with each day at school.  11/16/11
it's really ridiculously weird to me that our eldest daughter is in her TEENS...  i mean, i know it's been coming now for, like, 13 years... and she's been warning us  for 22 months... but it's still really weird.  she's all old and stuff.  and she's been acting like a teenager for... like, at least 10 years... but it's just weird.  that's all.  weird. 
she only has 5 more years before she's 18.  that's it.  did i mention that it's weird???
this is adejay with starboy at the pumpkin patch.  10/6/11.
so, all this to say, last week, adejay had her 13th birthday.  on the 13th.  it was golden.  i bought a reece's ice cream blizzard cake to celebrate, but since i was gone half of the day, i didn't even get a chance to make her a dinner.  in fact, we had her cake for dinner.  (it was good!)
she asked for pulled pork sandwiches for her dinner, so i figured i'd go shopping the next day and get the stuff.  well, as you might have read, that didn't happen.  or the next day.  or the next.  but then the next day i did, but her aunt took her out that night.  and then the next night her nana took her out and hasn't brought her back since!!!  so... we're having her birthday dinner tonight and i guess i'll just hope she'll join us. 
this is adejay up with the horses when we went to visit some relatives.  8/11.
that's what having a teenager is like, right?!
i'm teasing about that.  adejay is a great kid.  teenagers can be great.  she's very respectful and obliging to our rules and regulations.  i started a new tradition and i hope with the other kids i can remember to do it.  i started a questionnaire-type-survey that i'm going to give to the kids at about age 12 and continue each year.  it will help us be on the same page and respect each other.  hopefully.  it's full of life questions, love questions, and family questions.  it is an honest answer survey where the kids won't have to fear the answer they give because it's all out of love and trust.
adejay with her aunt.  2011.
anyway, here's a little truth and love about my 13 year old blessing:
she's beautiful, funny, talented, imaginative, natural on the piano, wolf-crazy.  she loves to sing, loves to be "in" on things (everything).  she's God-loving, emotionally reserved, tall, smart, athletic, very thoughtful, responsible, growing, boy-crazy, friend-centered, social, serving, animal lover, compassionate, good sister, red-haired, nice and kind, dare devil, adventurous, strong-willed, argumentative, morally driven, artistic, obedient, respectful, vocal, buff,  good daughter, grand-daughter, niece, cousin, a swimmin' fool, and a fun gal!
adejay with 2 of her aunts and 1 of her grandmas.  2011.

adejay on a rafting trip she took this past summer 2011.

in the comments, if you know adejay, you can post your own thoughts or memories with/of her.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

gratituesday: grace

mmm am i ever thankful for grace.  God's unending grace, yes, but also all the other gifts of grace that i've been (and am) blessed with on a daily basis.  i'm soooooo not perfect and therefore i'm blessed with random acts of grace daily.  hourly.  sometimes even minutely. 
we were driving somewhere today and boo was telling me something i had done wrong.  i couldn't fully understand her, but she was really telling me about it.  i told her, "boo, i'm sorry that i didn't do that the way you wanted me to.  but you need to realize i'm not perfect and i'm going to mess up sometimes too."  she sat for about 1 second and then replied, "oh mom!  you are TOO perfect!  i love you!"
i guess i still have a few people fooled.... 

what is grace, you may ask?  well, ask away and i'll just do a little click click for you.  i googled it.  because that's how one finds answers, right???  i'll include my favorite answer but maybe it's a made-up word for what i'm using it for.  i found many answers that don't have anything to do with what i'm thankful for (in this post).  but "Definition: Grace is God's unmerited favor. It is kindness from God we don't deserve. There is nothing we have done, nor can ever do to earn this favor. It is a gift from God. Grace is divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration (rebirth) or sanctification; a virtue coming from God; a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine favor." (By , About.com Guide) had the closest to what i'm trying to get at.  that's God's grace.  i'm also thankful for grace from others.  i'd just take that definition and word it like this:
grace is unmerited favor... it's kindness that we don't deserve.  it's looking past wrongs, sinfulness, and imperfection and still receiving favor.  there's nothing we do to deserve it...

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  

my backside

boy i am BEHIND this week in my blog posts.  let me tell you why.  in bullet format.  because that's my favorite way.
  • the boys got sick last thursday night.  all night.  midnight on.  all over.  the good part: they conveniently waited a laundry cycle before getting sick again each time.  starboy ended up sleeping in the bathtub because he just really couldn't understand the leaning into a bucket or running to the toilet thing.  unfortunately i'm just not as quick as i used to be, so after three beds made it to the wash i became a brilliant thinker with the bathtub.  the plus to my brilliance? it was closer to our room, so i was quicker to get there, and it was closer to the toilet, so i didn't have to run him as far.  bonus points for brilliance? no.  none.
  • i had a retreat up in the mountains with a bunch of wonderful God-loving women who deeply desire to draw closer to Him and His plan for their lives.  friday night through sunday.  it was awesome.  i felt horrible leaving sickies at home, but was reassured by my husband that EVERYTHING would be just fine.  which they were.  the boys didn't have any more sickness that had to be cleaned up.  boo threw up saturday night.  i came back sunday.  it was just fine.  just like he said it would be.
  • we celebrated adejay's 13th birthday on the 13th with a great big (a little too big) ice cream cake from dairy queen (reece's blizzard flavored).  it's weird that we have a TEENager!
  • aleemay was sick and had to stay home from school on monday.  :(  starboy also started showing signs that he wasn't all the way over the sickness... or he caught something else.  he had a horrible cough...
  • while getting up every two hours with starboy monday night to take him on a drive to let the cool air cool his croup cough, i started feeling sick.  i wasn't sure if it was lack of sleep or what... until the 1:00 drive ended and i up-chucked all of my innards.  the upchucking didn't really stop until about 6am... and then they started chucking out the other end.  i called the dr. because i was pretty sure i was going to up-chuck my baby too.  she reassured me that all was ok as long as i keep trying to keep liquids down.  so i started drinking as much as i could.  even though it was all coming out simultaneously.  at about 4pm i felt strong enough to walk from one side of the house to the other and then back.  but that wiped me out, so i didn't try it again until about 8pm.  it was a really rough day.  to make it worse...
  • otter pop and adejay were also sick.  they both felt awful (just as awful as me, i presume), but otter pop didn't throw up at all (just felt like it) and adejay only threw up once... so i left them out in the living room to "supervise" the others.  (the littler ones).  aleemay didn't feel horrible, but i didn't mind letting her stay home again with the condition of the rest of us.  boo didn't complain about being sick... she just enjoyed the endless movie selection and the endless choice of cuddle buddies.  and then starboy.  poor starboy.  he is just really struggling in feeling well.  just miserable.  still lots of diarrhea and achy body and fevers on and off.  he was a great little sicko to be sick with.  he cuddled and slept closest to me a good part of the day.  so who's left?  well jones.  he wasn't feeling a bit sick.  he felt just fine.  however, i couldn't let him go to school since i knew there was no way over the moon that i (or anyone) could pick him up... and since leaving your child in care of a school all day is ok in some states... i just couldn't do it.  so he stayed home and complained of no breakfast, lunch, or dinner... all day long.  :(  i think he found some apples to chew on.  maybe some carrots too.  i dug out a kiwi for him once.  and he said something about cheese sticks and pepperoni.  ...actually i'm only being a little sarcastic.  it's all true.  but at about 3 (ish), otter pop asked me what was for lunch too.  and then had the audacity to suggest tortilla soup.  thankfully i had some in the freezer.  so not only did i pull through in great-wifing, but also got an award for the best sick mom ever because they (whoever "they" were that ate it) actually got dinner!  --i just didn't get up for any of it.--
  • wednesday at 3am i woke up and felt like normal human again.  and everyone else must've too because everyone went to school and work.  !!!!!  however, i missed my wednesday hair post because i was so busy disinfecting the house and doing load after load after load after load after load after load of laundry! (and you could double that sentence.)
  • so, today, thursday, i am finally caught up.  i even made a grocery list and meal plan for the next week and a little bit.  i bought the meat-portion of the groceries already too.  i had to take a quick (hopefully quick) little break so that the little ones could rest their weary heads... so here is my quick break to type this little diddy up.  we're not really all well.  jones in next to me coughing his head off and starboy
  • i'll try and get a gratituesday post off for you all to endure too.  i also have a hair post to catch up with... when i get a round tuit.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

does it matter???

i really could be the only one, but i'm just curious here... does anyone else think that it matters which side is down and which side is up when you're eating things like sandwiches or burgers??? 
just so ya know:
we had hawaiian chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight and i flipped mine up-side-down so that my tongue was touching the pineapple and cheese and the chicken was on the roof of my mouth.  it was SO MUCH BETTER that way!  seriously.
i know it makes a difference with pb&j sandwiches, but i don't eat them often enough to tell you the "right" way. 
and with meat and cheese sandwiches, if the cheese is on the bottom (tongue side) it's better just because then it doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth on accident. 
just so ya know.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

yesterday's post gratituesday - blessings

is it redundant to say i'm grateful for blessings?  i don't think so.  and even if it is, i guess i don't mind being redundant.  we are told in scripture to be thankful: 
1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV --Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
Ephesians 5:20 ESV--Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,        
Psalm 107:1 ESV --Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!         
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Saturday, November 5, 2011


  • hubby's home.
  • took the family to the discovery center.  the local nurses and some drs brought the operating room to the center.  = SO MUCH FUN!
  • took a 6-year-old to an ice skating birthday party.
  • relaxed just a little bit.
  • gonna get some pizza
  • take the kids to the "fun place"
  • relax while they're there.
  • come home and cuddle
  • watch a movie
that sounds fabulous doesn't it?! 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Friday, November 4, 2011

speaking of dynamite... i can sure light up a room!

now this is a real life anwat post!  in fact, after it happened i had to call someone and get some info... and i was too proud to admit what had happened.  i was just too embarrassed at my stupidity.  here.  i'll just tell you what happened. 
it started with a shower and doing my doll boo's hair.  it's finally getting long enough that not only does it need done (because it's been that way for a couple months now) but now it's even long enough to DO it!  yeah!  yeah for growing hair!  yeah boo!!!!!

so, this totally could've been a hair post.  and that's why these photos were taken... so, maybe they'll make a hair post too... but not today.  those are on wednesday.  and very infrequently, if you hadn't noticed.
anyway, the cute little 3-1/2 year old was so precious that i thought i'd pose her and take a few pictures that weren't focused on her hair and where i could position her in the poses that I think are cute and would hang well on a wall.  so, i looked around and decided the fireplace would make a great backdrop.  but, it'd make an even better backdrop if it were on.  so, i decided to light it.

i should back up and say that we've been having trouble with our furnace.  well, if we don't use it, the pilot light goes out.  our garage is quite a pile-up... so lighting the pilot isn't as easy as it should be.  the weather has been warm and cool and just a little cold and then warm again.  we've only turned the heat on once this fall (when we discovered the problem) and only for a day, but then it warmed back up.  yesterday it was cool enough that the heater should be on, but the pilot had gone out again.  since the mr. is in pennsylvania, i just decided we could beef it for a night.  i put our extra winter blankets on all our beds and we were fine.  i had THOUGHT about our fire place last night... but it's caused us problems (ex. the smoke alarm or co2 detector goes off every time we light it and/or it gives me a headache after about 10 minutes) ever since we moved in.  that and since we've always had little hands (and little brains) living with us, we just figured it's safest to not use the fireplace. 
anyway... all that to just add a little substance to the story i guess.  because i wasn't going to light the fireplace for heat.  just for looks.  and just for the picture.  so no biggie. 
well, otter pop had to buy one of those fancy lighters with a long bendy lighter-stick-thingamajig to light the pilot back then, so i decided that lighting the fireplace would be a good chance for me to get to use it.  it looked cool!  (if my word description doesn't work for you, that link should show you what i'm talking about.)
i turned on the gas just a little and put the long bendy-thing down by the fake logs.  (that could totally be a line of a joke, but i'll resist.)  i pushed the "you should start" button but nothing happened.  (that could too.)  anyway, i tried again and again.  hmph.  i guess i'll have to turn the gas up.  so i did a little and tried again and to no fire.  so, i pumped up the gas all the way and then decided that maybe it'd be "bright" to light the long bendy-thingy before i stick it by the fake logs.  so i push all the right buttons and click the "you should start" button and... BOOM! 
the fire place was ablaze.
and so was my face.
and hair.
and seriously, i flew back about five feet without any effort on this big pregnant body.  i landed a few feet in front of my little kids waiting [in terror now] for their picture to be taken. 
i put my hands up to my face and felt singed eyebrow hairs.  i rolled my eyes at my complete stupidity.  oh my gosh... how dumb could i be?!  i turned the gas way back down and got the fire looking about normal and then turned to the kids.  boo had this look of amazement on her face and she wouldn't stop looking at my eyebrows (or what i thought was my eyebrows).  i asked her if i looked silly and she nodded, her eyes not leaving my face.
it was about then the smoke detectors went off.  if you want to make total chaos in a totally chaotic environment, throw in a high pitched beep that no one can ignore!  i opened the doors and the close windows and it shortly turned off.  boo had ran to the hallway (the LOUDEST place possible) to get away from the noise.  starboy had just somehow hidden under the great big 50 lb. love sac. 
i gathered them back to reassure them that everything was ok.  i closed the fireplace and tried to get boo into a posing position.  she kept telling me to please get away from the fire so it didn't burn me up again.  :(  i told her it was all ok now.  i swept the ashes away and sat there to show her.  she just wouldn't have it. 
when i finally got her in front of the place, she looked cute and perfect except the look of terror on her face... and the fact that she couldn't TURN her face from the fire to look at the camera!  and then when we were just so close (well, not any closer than i just described)... the smoke detector went off again and this time boo went up in tears!  i chased her with my hands over her hands over her ears and told her to sit in the kitchen instead of the hallway.  i also told starboy to follow her.  and i also gave up on the photo session.  turned the gas off, put all the fire equipment up, and decided to go see what was so eye-catching about my disastrous face. 
this is what i found:

yep.  it wasn't just the eyebrows.  apparently my eyebrows must've been highly overgrown and shaggy, because they don't look harmed hardly at all! 

i hadn't done my hair yet, and since i had braided it yesterday it had a million fly-aways that decided to just burn away.  this picture was taken after i had thoroughly patted away all the singed hairs that were just floating above my head.
yeah.  this is a real story.  this is the real me.  you can tell because i'm not even fake enough to smile at the camera when i'm really just not feeling the smile!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

tampons: dynamite or candy?

we watched a smidgen of AFV tonight and there was this clip of these two boys who found a tampon out in their lawn (???), unwrapped it, and were convinced that it was a stick of dynamite.  this humorously reminded me of my own boy/tampon story:
jones flooded our bathroom a few weeks ago by using too much tp.  that was such a disgusting mess!  i had an old box of tampons sitting behind the toilet on the floor because that bathroom doesn't have any storage space.  when i was cleaning the mess i just threw the whole box away because i didn't think it'd be safe to even assume they might be ok... if you know what i mean. 
anyway, jones is responsible for emptying the bathroom trash cans.  he came up to me the next day with a wrapped up tampon and a smile on his face. 
"why did you throw a whole box of these away?"  he asked
"because you flooded the bathroom and they got all poopy gross wet.  they're no good anymore," i replied.
"oh,"  he sighed, as he remembered the mess.  "what are they?  candy???"
"no, sweetie.  just throw them away."  is all i could answer through muffled giggles and smiles.  if he only knew.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what's up, doc?

on sunday, my love otter pop, flew away to philadelphia, pa for a mechanic's training class.  he gets back friday night... late! 
sunday was alright.  it was different than most sundays, but we went to church and my parents came over to celebrate starboys birthday... so we were kept busy to keep our minds off the missing mister.
monday was fine too because i had my dr's appointment in the morning and it was starboys birthday, so we really kept busy monday too.
but monday night i had two bad dreams.  the first one was so bad i really didn't think i'd be able to go back to sleep.  i've never actually woke up screaming before... i've woke up crying before, but not literally screaming.  but i did monday night.  well it was tuesday morning, really.  (3:30am)  then i had another bad dream after i finally did go back to sleep... so that sucked.  when i have bad dreams all i want is my hubby.  i almost called him too because he would be in bed sleeping... but i didn't.  i just prayed.
tuesday went along fine.  the kids that i babysit have been sick.  they didn't come monday or tuesday.  however, i still watched an extra two tuesday morning for the volunteer swap i do at the school.  maybe i haven't said, but each tuesday i either volunteer in aleemay or jones' class, or i watch the lady who watches my kids' kids so that she can volunteer in her daughter's classroom.  it's really nice.  i really enjoy it.  little boo has made a best friend with the little girl too, so she really looks forward to tuesdays with her "my best friend".  they're really cute together too.  for such young girls, they play REALLY well together! 
i had another heart episode tuesday morning.  that's the first one since i've been on the heart medication.  i called the cardiologist, but didn't hear anything back...  they called and got all the info and were going to call me back, but didn't.  so, i don't know what to make of that.  it was a pretty shaking episode, so i wonder what's next...  thankfully i was on the phone with a sister, so i felt safe through it. 
after the girls got home from school we went to the girl scout store to get aleemay her little daisy tunic and patches.  she's really excited about that.  she's loving her first girl scout experience!  and little boo said, "i want to be a girl scout like aleemay when i get bigger."
the boys are doing well, but i think they miss their daddy the most.  jones asks every night when daddy's getting home. 
we only have three more days... we can do it!  i just hope he doesn't have to work on saturday when he gets back.  i really miss him!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

gratituesday - autumn

i LOVE the colors in a city full of trees!
i LOVE the crisp fresh air.  the air that's cool enough that if you leave the window open a crack, you REALLY have to cuddle.  the air that's cool enough that in the morning you want to wrap up in a blanket or a big fluffy robe.  the air that's cool enough you think twice before running out to the mailbox without shoes or a jacket.  ... yeah, that crisp fresh fall air!
i LOVE the mums that are so colorful and pretty while it seems everything else is dying.
i LOVE the trees showing personality.  some keep covered.  some keep green.  some turn yellow, while others get red, orange, yellow, and brown.  some turn bright red, while others darken to a deep purple.  some shed their tops first, others shed all at once.  i like the ones who seem modest and cover their "crotch" as long as they can.  the trees really have great personality this time of year.
i LOVE fall!  i LOVE autumn! 
i LOVE the harvest. 
i LOVE the foods.
i LOVE the smells, the spices, the baking!

God is so perfect.  He knows just what to do.  ALL four seasons are so wonderful to watch and be a part of.  i am so thankful for this time of year.  the time of year where we're reminded to be thankful.  what a great time of year!  thank you, God, for autumn... and what a pretty name, don't you think?!  autumn...  ;)

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."