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Monday, July 25, 2011

the yesterday part

sunday was a wonderful relaxing, do-nothing day. we napped / watched movies pretty much all day long. it was gr-reat! at 6, we went to our new "young married" home group for the potluck and study. it was great.
here's kinda what we went over:
the holy bible is a proven source of history. it was handed down for generation to generation to generation all these years. there has been found a section of NUMBERS (the 4th book of the old testament) preserved by earth! every new artifact scientists find are word-for-word accurate to the current day bible. nothing has changed and it's history is so revered and respected that those early early early findings of (for instance) the dead sea scrolls are put on exhibit in hugely revered (to the scientific peeps) in museums.
the holy bible is FILLED with scientific truths that can be proven archaeologically in MANY different areas.
  1. the people that the holy bible talks about (old testament and new) can be traced back to exactly where the bible says they were when the bible says they were there. people that exist leave a mark. bones. culture. history. genealogy. the people of the bible can be traced. it is a great factual history book that is remarkably accurate!!!
  2. the surroundings (for instance, the animals and plants) that the bible refers to, are also accurate. so, that means that the type of surroundings that grow and live in the areas that the bible talks about are still in those areas. they are factual places that did exist and... lastly,
  3. the cities that the bible talks about (even way back in the old testament) either STILL exist (under the same name) or are proven to exist through archeology! that was new information to me. i didn't realize that you can go over to the area between the red sea up to the euphrates and tigris rivers today and find cities with the SAME NAMES that the bible refers to. then, you can research and find out that not only do they have the same name, they are actually the same place!!! i just think that's kinda cool.
what does all this mean? well, to me, it really means nothing more than what i've already known. i believe that the holy bible is God's inspired holy word. it is perfect. nothing needs to be added or subtracted from it for it to be any more powerful or less. it is exactly as He intended it to be to tell His people (us) what we need to know. but to unbelievers, these factual scientific findings are PROOF! there is NO OTHER BOOK or record that is comparable historically or scientifically like the bible is!
what a mighty and awesome God i serve. i am so glad that He left all that history and scientific proof for all the doubtful minds in our world. of course He knew what was to come...

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

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Trenicker said...

yes! God is awesome, and the Bible is too!!!