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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wednesday hair 3

the double headband braid:
almost a double rainbow... but different.

  1. you start by parting the hair sectioning off the front half and the back half as if to do a half-pony.  i tie the back half tight in a pony. 
  2. then you make another ear to ear part splitting the front section in halves.

  1. french braid the front section in one direction braiding it all the way to the end and fasten.  if you wish to leave some bangs out you can, or you can leave a small amount of hair to pull to the side with the back (second section) braid too if you don't like all the hair pulled back.  
  2. then french braid the second section in the other direction also braiding it all the way to the end and fasten.
  3. secure the two braids under the back hair pony tail and then undo the pony tail that holds all the back hair to cover up the ends of the braids.

this is a quick and easy simple hairdo.  i love the single headband braid, but sometimes you need a switch-me-up and this is perfect for that!!!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Trenicker said...

my nieces are beautiful with long hair, short hair, no hair, medium hair, braided hair, messy hair, straight hair, curly hair and any other kind of hair there is to have or not have, but I sure miss their long hair!

Mandy said...

beautimous! love the double braid! you're a great mama to those sweet daughters...