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Friday, July 8, 2011

June end-of-the-month review

i can't believe all this stuff happened last month.  i am lovin' this summer and am excited to share our life with you in our happenings!!!
  • the first week of june was my last few days of watching my extra little guy / extra little income.  it was actually really hard to say goodbye to him!  he and his mom are moving to the other side of the state, so i just pretty much won't ever see him again!  :(  i'll pray for them and would appreciate it if you would too.  just random, good-thought prayers...
just 10 days apart
  • aleemay had a movement-thingy-show-off show.  it pretty much was to show all us family members what they'd been learning in PE or some class like PE/dance/movement???  anyway, whatever it was, it was fun and it was great to watch.  aleemay led her class out on the floor and was the first "leader" of the class (obviously not afraid at all of being in front of an audience)!  i had a friend that has a son in aleemay's class call me about 10 minutes before it started to ask if i had a camera to bring... thankfully she called because i didn't even realize the event was for parents to attend!!! 

  • we attended a new church small group.  it's called "young married" so i'm not completely sure we would fit in it... but we did.  i loved it.  i hope we can attend more!  i think they/we meet every two weeks.  that'll be good for ALL of us, as it was a FAMILY group, not just for the adults!
  • i had another great women's bible study group, wrapping up the topic of organization.  i then (later in the month) was invited to start a 30-day organize-athon to start july 1!  so... pretty much God gets me ready for events i don't even know about!  God, You are so good!!!!!
  • adejay had an end-of-the-year hu-rah called "middle school mayhem" and it WAS mayhem!!!  it was fun.  they had their "field day" followed by some more outdoor fun, dinner, and then a masquerade dance.  she dressed up as a kioshi warrior...  i love this girl.  she's so fun.  i went to chaperon and see what her life's like and stuff.  she's so great.  i was trying to lay low, but she kept bringing her friends over and asking if i wanted to join them.  !!!  what more could i ask for in a daughter, right?!  so, we danced and sweated together! 

  • the girls had their little dance thingy for the school's end-of-the-year talent show.  you know, the one adejay choreographed for aleemay and her three friends?!  it was great.  the girls did awesome, but unfortunately their singer had horrible sound system and was over shadowed by the cute girls.  you couldn't even hear the singing!  :(  i felt really really bad for him and his mom since they had set the whole thing up!!!

  • we started our softball games.  that's been fun.  we've even had some practices!  they really help! 
  • i have some dear friends starting a school (click the link.  check them out.  you might just find yourself interested... or wanting to support them in any way).  they held a HUGE benefit sale that i helped out with one saturday in june.  while i was working the kids went with nana...  FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i started playing the piano again, thanks to some sheet music i picked up at the above mentioned benefit sale.
  • i killed some thousand dandelions in our front yard.  that's quite an accomplishment.  they might come back alive, but i still killed them!
  • my starboy really started showing some potty training progress.  as in, he TOLD me had to go potty and then ran to the bathroom and WENT!  
  • jones turned a big number 5!  we went to a picnic and then to the zoo.  he's so easy to please... i love this boy!

  • we drove up north a little to celebrate a small town's "frontier days".  frontier days that was advertised on EVERYTHING to be from june 23-26, but when we went up there on the 23rd, were told it all started the next day.  that was frustrating, but it's a cute small little town and we walked around and enjoyed it anyway.  we then drove up further north and then back down and around a beautiful scenic drive back home.  we spent about 5 hours in the car, but there weren't any whines or complaints.  it was so pretty, we all were easily side tracked.  i did get pulled over right near the end of the trip... but it was nothing.  i just passed someone on the right.  it wasn't a big deal.  no ticket.
  • starboy starts galloping around the house.  it's super cute!
  • jones got an awesome trip to a local aircraft museum followed by an air show and a fun-filled day with nana.  what a great birthday present!
  • we attended our city's recreation festival and participated in lots of fun hands-on activities that were set up.  i'm kinda glad we showed up an hour before they all started closing up, because we had so much fun in that one hour, it's hard to say how long we actually COULD'VE stayed and played!  my parents came up and joined us and then afterwards we all (including nana) came home for jones' birthday dinner and cake and ice cream so that he could finally turn 5.
  • i enrolled the kids in a local church's Vacation Bible School.  the kids had SO MUCH FUN!  it was "pandamania" or something like that.  boo, jones, and aleemay

  • boo chopped her own hair.  i don't want to dwell on this one.  :(

  • adejay had one of her best friend from school over.  we went to the art museum and to the park for lunch.  it was an interesting day to say the least... maybe i'll blog about it.  i don't know.  i'm still mulling the whole visit over. 
june was so great.  apparently i have about a half a month of pictures to upload for this post to be complete.  but june has given us a great lead into july and we're enjoying it too!  thanks for reading and try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 
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Boy Crazy said...

Sounds like a fun, busy month! Glad you found a young marrieds group. I don't think we qualify any more!!! ;)

troybee said...

Sounds interesting to say the least. :)

Thanks for the rundown!

Trenicker said...

Well, that sounds GREAT! There was a volleyball tournament/bbq at Mercer's yesterday, and Trent's department lost, but that sure didn't mean fun wad not had! We had a great time talking with people and hanging out. Ila was as sweet as ever and keeps maintaining her "never is grouchy" image with all of Mercer. That is sure nice, although, not quite reflective of how Ila really is, all the time!

Kimberly said...

It's awesome to hear what you guys have been up to! We almost went to that city rec thing, I think. Maybe next year! Can't believe one of the kids cut their own hair. We've been there. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! THat was a busy month. THanks for sharing all that. I hadn't heard about 99% of it so I guess we need to talk more often! lylyly and missing you like gangbusters!

Anonymous said...

I wish this comment thing worked better. I write a comment and then it blanks out and I have to re-write is so many times that I forget what I was going to say. Thanks for blogging and great pictures! lylyly and missing you like gangbusters!

MamaT said...

try UN-checking the box that says "keep signed in". it must be broken or something because it does that for me!