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Saturday, July 30, 2011

a hangnail

you wouldn't believe what happened to me this morning!  because it's pretty unbelievable, that's why. 
i was changing the sheets on my bed and little starboy came clomping around the bed with one of his feet in a jones' snow boot and the other one in aleemay's boot. 
clomp clomp clomp.
starboy LOVES shoes.  he always has.  he's been my only babe to leave his shoes on, even as a baby.  socks too, for the most part... unless he's in bed.  but if you keep the shoes over the socks, he'll keep them both on... even in bed!  which, why would i put him in bed with shoes and socks???  well, laziness i suppose.  or that when i ask him if he wants his shoes off, his reply is no.  so... either way, it'd boil down to me being a lousy mom making her poor child sleep with shoes on his feet for crying out loud!!!  :P
anyway, clomp clomp clomp he came around the corner of the bed to me.  his snow boot caught the edge of my toenail and <literally> pulled it off. 
my toenail is hanging on by a piece of skin! 

1st thought:  OUCH!
2nd thought:  oh my gosh that is so disgusting looking!  gross!  (the kids all gathered around and were speechless.  all of them had the same look on their face, the "ouch/gross" look.) 
3rd thought:  what do i DO?!  yank it off?  push it back into place?  ouch either way!  ---so, since my sweet mother is out in the wilderness having the time of her life, rafting... i called my hubby to see what to do.  his answer (after, call your mom... oh wait, you can't) was "google it."  i love him! 
4th thought:  i should take a picture, this is so sick...

5th thought:  i know.  i should ask my friend i'll call "heather".  i bet she's seen this before!  -really, go see her blog and you'll see why i thought that!  she has 6 boys... need i say more?!

and now, to help get your mind off that:
the cute culprit!
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Boy Crazy said...

Even I thought, "Ouch! Gross!" :) Heck if I know what to do! ;)

Liz said...

Oh my! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! So what did you do? I think I would have trimmed it down and then spend the next few weeks slowly pulling it off. Gross!

MamaT said...

i put a band-aid over it so i wouldn't have to look at it and then put waterproof tape over the whole toe.
i took it all of last night and it still looks gross, but after soaking it in the bath, it's clean and just sitting there. it's still pretty tender. i'm gonna see if it'll reattach the root... and ask my mom when she gets home!

Anonymous said...

That Starboy really is a cutie.

Victoria A said...

My sister had the same thing and I believe she just peeled it off or it fell off by itself. But it grew back so that's good news.