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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wednesday hair post 4

i found this really pretty hairdo i did on adejay back in septembhair or 2009.  she let me do her hair fairly frequently back then, but resisted the posing for pix (as part of the deal).  this one was so pretty that i made her pose.

she's so pretty.  she just said she felt dumb posing for hair pictures...  anyway, from the front it looks like a simple pig tail do.  but from the back:

pretty, huh?!  it wasn't too difficult either, if i remember right. 
  1. first, part off the front part of the hair as if you were doing a light half-pony (front part of ear to ear part). 
  2. split it in two sections.  if you want a side part, do it here, but bring it back to the middle at the crown).  if you want a middle part, make the two sections even. 
  3. put holders in each section.
  4. bring the crowned part all the way down the back.  put each side on her shoulders. 
  5. do another ear to ear part further back (pretty much splitting the remaining hair in half) and making four more ponies.  put holders in each.  now you have six ponies.
  1.  take a side pony that is in the middle on one side.  take out the holder and comb it sooth.  separate it in two sections keeping them both smooth.  tie them in a knot and bring the right one over to the bottom right pony and the bottom left one over to the bottom left pony. 
  2. repeat this with the other middle pony on the opposite side.
  3. not take a front pony and pull the holder out.  section it in two pieces and then comb them smooth and then tie them in a knot.  keep the sections apart, pulling the right side over to the right side bottom pony and the left one over to the left bottom pony.
  4. do the same with the front other side.
  • to make the knots look neater you may twist the hair a little bit.
  • you can also take those "pull over" hairs and weave them over-under-over-under (if you have four or five hands), but i didn't do that and i still think it looked pretty great. 

and here's a top view:

what do you think?!  are you going to try it???

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

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