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Friday, July 1, 2011

friday food post : lamb with rhubarb

i purposefully have held off making this recipe for a friday, so that i could post the results.  it's on my menu and the link to the recipe is there, but i'm not linking anything on this particular post for soon-to-be obvious reasons...
well, the 1st thing about the recipe is that it was SUPER DUPER EASY!  i didn't have the meat thawed, so i made it in the oven instead of the crockpot, but EASY!!!  VERY VERY EASY!

2ndly, this used a lot of ingredients that my sister introduced me to back in the day when she lived with us (2006 or 7ish.  maybe 8).  i guess in true persian stew, there are even more strong ingredients, but i can't even imagine the tastes to MORE FLAVOR!
3rd is that the aroma that this dish put out was so good!  it made all of us hungry and grumpy to have to wait to eat it!!! 

so now for the rating...  out of 7 stars (because we have 7 people in our fam), this would get a whopping 1.5 stars.  everyone hated it except aleemay and myself.  she liked it.  i thought it was fine, but after eating half of it i had to choke the rest down... quitting early because of a gag reflex.  soooo, the .5 was from me and that was pretty gracious.  we ALL had to drizzle ketchup over it to drown out some of the flavor.  maybe some of that score could have been from finnagen since he pretty much ate almost all of it for us!  (except for aleemay's and my plate)

i wouldn't recommend anyone trying it unless they're used to persian food or really spiced up (with not american-normal spices) food. 
also, i thought it was annoying that i bought "lamb stew mean with bone" (or however they labeled it) but really it was a bunch of bones with not a whole lot of meat.  but that was only annoying because i had to de-bone it all! 
and btw.  the asparagus was really good.  maybe i should've friday food posted it instead. 

also, the rice wasn't bad either...

so, if you thought last week's friday food post : loaded baked potato salad was lame... this one will top it!
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Liz said...

ya know, my grandpa is from Iran, and you'd think I would have had a lot more Persian dishes than I have, I think you've had adas plo? (it's just rice and chicken, and lentil with a yogurt cucumber stuff) I kind of remember sharing some of it with you back in A.F. Have you ever been to an Indian restaurant? like Taj Mahal? Only been there once, smelled just like my grandma's house, and really liked it....guess it's time for a get together so we can chat. And...you've really got me thinking about Lagoon. :)

Anonymous said...

I think lamb is an acquired taste. . . the meat has a different flavor and I'm not fond of it too much, though I wouldn't say I couldn't choke it down. (M)

Boy Crazy said...

Looks yummy!

MamaT said...

liz, you've told me about that cucumber dish but i don't ever remember partaking of it! i'd love to!!!!