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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wednesday hair post 2

i've posted before about my beautiful tangled girl, boo.  well, more than once i'm sure.  but none of you will believe what happened to her the other night.  monday night, to be exact.

now i'm sure you could guess!

this was kinda her end product.

this being the worse part!!!

this was my i'm-so-mad-i-can't-think-straight punishment.  look at all that hair beside her!  i tell you, locks for love has some pretty dumb rules/guidelines for the hair they'll take for wigs because that pile would've made a GORGEOUS and FULL wig!!!  it felt like a wig when i picked it up and threw it in the trash...

and here's the hairdresser's logical fix to my screw-up "fixing" boo's.
 it's a good thing she's cute, but we're both really sad she doesn't have long beautiful locks anymore.  :( 
really really really sad!

so, needless to say, it seems as if ALL my hair posts are going to be do's from the past since now ALL MY GIRLS have short hair!  or... maybe i'll figure out some totally cute do's for short hair!  ???  we'll see.  it might take a while.  boo hasn't had this short of hair since she was about 3 months old!  but, on the good side (because we should always take a look on the bright side of things), my two nieces have short hair too (because they're about starboy's age-ish), so all three girl cousins could get together to be triplets with little short hair-do's! 
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Anonymous said...

She actually looks darling with the short haircut! Of course, she's look lovely with any hairdo (or no hair) lylyly

Trenicker said...

Marma told me about this tragic event. I was sad to hear about boo's beautiful hair :( On the bright side, whoever cut it after you cut it did an awesome job. It is REALLY cute. I like that all the girls have shot hair like their girl cousins! :)

Alexis said...

She is too cute and I love it!! I do love long hair but she can pull it off:)