"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Monday, June 13, 2011

where've ya'll been?!

well, the weather's been nice.  and i wish i could say i've been enjoying every minute of life, but boy would that ever make me a liar.  however, i have been enjoying life.  :)  because i do that sort of thing.  i haven't been blogging though.  so don't feel like you've been missing out on me!
here's a list of things i've been up to since... april... when i last blogged.  (maybe not literally, but i'll take it from then, just in case.)

  • i continued babysitting my little extra guy. 
(and he likes my spaghetti)

  • my mom and sister came up and we spent a great day with just us three!
  • we had a low-key, but great celebration of Jesus' resurrection. 

  • jones was accepted into the school the girls go to and we had an orientation and registration for him in KINDERGARTEN!
  • the little girls were invited to a cute tea party for a birthday party. 
  • i started another Bible study.  it took the place of my fourth day prayer group i'd been doing.  we did a study on the life of david called, anointed transformed redeemed (by priscilla shirer, beth moore, and kay arthur)
  • aleemay had her class play, "hansel and gretel eat right".  it was really cute.  aleemay was an elf.  :)

  • i had ANOTHER girls night out.  me and a best-T went out and got our hair done, shopping, dinner, and then dessert.  it was great!  i'm not as natural as i've always been, but dang i'm gorgeous!  ---and you should see her (best-T)!!!
(no pic, but she has lots!  *hint hint*)
  • went to a great potluck with some old and new friends.  it's great to reconnect and it's great to sit around a fire!!!!!
  • otter pop went to aleemay's class and told them about his job and motorcycles.
  • i babysat a new extra guy.  but just once.  he was fun.  totally all boy!
  • i continued babysitting my other little extra dude.

  • i invited my mother-in-law and eldest daughter to our church's women's night of chocolate.  there were three chocolate stations set up (white, dark, and milk) with pretty much as much chocolate treats as one could dream of.  there was also a great guest speaker who gave a great testimony!

  • adejay and aleemay both cut off pretty much all their hair and donated it to locks for love.  <3
  • i had a fabulous mother's day.  i love being a mother!!!
  • i went to aleemay's class and told them about my job (which was pretty much perfect for the day after mother's day) and taught them how to fold a diaper.
  • the girls both tried out for the school talent show.  neither of them made it into the performance of their choice, but they ended up participating in someone else's performance. 
  • starboy has four more teeth than he used to.
  • starboy can jump off the ground with both feet.
  • i attended a pampered chef "party"
  • otter pop and i started playing on a church softball league.  this is our second year and we sure love it.  i'd love it more if we could get together and practice as a team... but beggars can't really be too choosy right?!
  • we all went to another bbq.  this one was to hang out with some out-of-town family that was in town.  starboy has a cousin that's just 2 days older than he and we all just ADORE her and her parents!  it was awesome to spend some time with them.  we also had a fun park play time with her (the cousin) and her mom (my sister-i-l)  = i-l stands for i love
  • i learned how to make an awesome potato salad.  i don't really like potato salad, but i like this one!!!
  • the girls had lots of rehearsals for that talent show performance.
  • i continued the study on david and have gotten a great little group of new gals that i gather with!
  • well, now we're at least caught up with my end-of-the-month reviews...
  • i'll try to stay updated a bit better. 
  • i'll also try to get some pictures on this one...

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

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Trenicker said...

oh what a great update! I hope you are really back to the blogging world, because I like to know what is happening over there! Love you sister, and we had a great time seeing you and letting our littlest ones play! :)