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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wednesday hair post 1

i have dozens and dozens of hair pix from when i was pregnant with starboy.  we spent lots of hours in the bathroom doing hair!  so, for the first several weeks of these hair posts my kiddos are going to look quite a bit younger. 
on the plus side of that... this one in particular is of a little 1 year old's head.  so if your little dolls are younger, these will be good for you.  of course not every 1 year old has as much hair as my little princesses have had, but still.  now her hair's down to her butt... so...
anyway, here's the pix:  this is boo (if you couldn't tell or have guessed already) 

why i didn't take a frontal picture is beyond me, but if you look closely in the first picture you can see her reflection in the mirror (kinda).  :) 
this do was easy but still cute.  boo looks the best in pig-tails so a lot of her do's are pig-tails in  different variations. 
  1. this one starts with two half-ponies/piggies.  i started boo's up even closer to her bangs because i've never wanted her to have a ton of bangs, so her whole life she's had some pretty natural layers from her head growing so fast her bangs are always new hair growth and the old bangs get pulled back.  so her first ponies have to be all those short layers.
  2. then you slice off another section behind/lower for another set of piggies.  when you put them together you'll take the opposite upper one to add into the tail.  (so now you'll have an x)
  3. you'll do that two more times (or more or less depending on the amount of hair you're working with) with the final piggies hanging in the back with at least two x's above it.  (boo has 3, but one is on top of her head)

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Liz said...

cute! i've done the diamonds and then just straight down, but haven't ever thought to cross them like that. I showed E and she was like "whoa! cool!" guess i'll be trying that one out on her. and, boo is totally blessed with LONG Rapunzel-like hair. :)

Trenicker said...

i want to do this to my own hair!

Anonymous said...

these pictures make me sad, in light of the new hairdo!