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Friday, June 17, 2011

friday-food post : thai chicken tacos

thai chicken tacos... it's what we're having for dinner tonight.  i've never had them, but they look yummy.  here's a link to the recipe:  LINK 

stay tuned for the actual post (which will be this one, but edited with photos and tips, and everything but the aroma)

here are my thoughts on the dinner we just devoured: 
  1. the kids all ate it.  they didn't love it.  however, since we ate dinner about 1 1/2 hours later than usual/planned (due to a wonderfully welcomed but unexpected guest) they were famished.
  2. it wasn't very hard to make AT ALL, but it did leave my kitchen an absolute disaster.
  3. it was very fun to make.
  4. i was using some ingredients i had never heard of and others i'd just stayed away from prior to this recipe.
  5. fish sauce isn't the same thing as tartar sauce.  it's much different.  and it smells disgusting!!!
  6. shredding cabbage isn't hard at all when you have a Cuisinart food processor with a shredding attachment!
  7. i thought it was a successful new recipe.  all in all, i'd rate this friday-food as great!!!
this is the raw chicken mixed with all the ingredients BEFORE marinading

and this is after. 
*also with actual fish sauce added.  (i put tartar sauce in at first because i didn't know better, so this has both fish sauce AND tartar sauce).  i marinaded the meat for about 5 hours.

this is the cabbage all shredded up.  it took about 60 seconds to shred up the whole head of cabbage!

here's the carrots, still in the Cuisinart

green onions... 1/2 cup is pertineer the whole bunch of onions.  after slicing them up like this i chopped the heck out of them so we wouldn't have to bite into onion.

here's the cole slaw prior mixing it all together.  (the dark green is cilantro.)

here's the layout

and here's the finished product with my saliva ALL OVER IT!!!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


The Things We Do said...

those look so good! I want to try them!

Liz said...

guaranteed my kids wouldn't touch it. but, it does sound interesting!

Trenicker said...

I love the smell of fish sauce, but I think I'm the only one! Now that you have it on hand (make sure you keep it in the fridge) you cam make all sorts of yummy thai food! those tacos look great! I may just have to try them :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you liked the recipe! Thanks for linking it back. :) ~ Courtney

Anonymous said...

You left some of that fish sauce in my frigerator when you moved away, Nic! The recipe sounds good! (M)

Anonymous said...
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MamaT said...

grossly enough, she left some in my fridge too... and that's how i discovered the difference. i also wondered if that's why it smelled so bad!
i tossed the remainder. i don't ever want to smell it again!!! fresh or old!