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Monday, June 20, 2011

responsibility, or lack thereof

we had a message on sunday about taking responsibility.  it was pointed out that we, as christians, should be the most responsible humans out of everyone, because ultimately we are accountable to God for everything we do.  yes, everyone is accountable for their actions, but when we're representing Christ... we should do everything possible to represent Him well is all i'm saying here.
at the very beginning of time, we -humans- were given a whole lot of responsibility (Gen. 1:28).  we were DESIGNED for responsibility!  when we have it (whether in your family, your business, your community, life, anywhere), we feel good.  when we do well at it and live up to it, we feel happy.  and when we neglect it, we feel guilty, depressed, and unfulfilled. 
when one acts irresponsible, blame is shifted, guilt is felt, and conflict is ALWAYS present. 
this point brought to my mind the tv show "celebrity apprentice".  now, i'll throw in a disclaimer here, that i'm not a huge tv fan, but i have a handful of shows that i enjoy watching.  somehow celebrity apprentice appeared on that list.  this last season this lesson of irresponsibility leading to conflict was HUGELY apparent!  in the show, donald trump gives out assignments for each team.  the team has to pick a project manager.  that project manager leads the team in completing the assignment.  the manager is responsible for the outcome and therefore, if his/her team wins, that manager gets some money for the charity of his/her choice.  there were some managers who when confronted with the fact that they didn't do as well as they could have, shifted the blame to someone on their team.  then there were a few managers who when they were confronted, admitted that if something wasn't completed up to par, it was ultimately their fault because they were in charge of their team.  as a manager it was his/her responsibility to complete the task, so even if it was one of their team mates that did a poor job, it reflected the manager and therefore was the manager's fault, not the team player.  every single time the manager blame shifted and said it was not his/her fault tempers raised and conflict rose.  but when the managers would act responsibly, the room would quiet and you could just see the respect given to him/her. 
here's the second point of responsibility:  when one shirks responsibility, they're in turn leaving it for someone else.  when you don't do what is asked of you, it's not like it doesn't need done... someone still has to do it.  don't leave for others to do later what you can do now.  (-my new teaching point for my kiddos.)

*) anytime you see, feel, or hear blame being shifted (it wasn't my fault) or an excuse being made (for any reason), you can be sure that a responsibility isn't being met.  so think about that... 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


bonniebee said...

excellent point, sis. i am guilty of this from time to time. i think pride can be a tough pill to swallow. but being humble and admitting that you were wrong or didn't take up your responsibility is the right thing to do. a great thing to think about!

Liz said...

I agree with Bonnie. and you. i also think that that very thing, responsibility, is where a good majority of the problems with society lay. people shrug off responsibility and then aren't held accountable. good post!

Kimberly said...

Is THAT what the message was about? I've got to stop sitting in the "family room" (aka worship team chatting room!) :) Thanks for the recap.