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Monday, June 27, 2011

what a day

we started week 1 of VBS for the summer.  i found a few morning schools, so i have aleemay, jones, and boo attending this week.  it's from 9-noon.  who knew i'd have to wake the kids and hurry them up to be somewhere by 9 am?!  well i sure did. 
we celebrated jones' birthday yesterday with some family and last night he slept outside on our trampoline with adejay.  i don't think they went to sleep until about 11:30 or maybe as late as midnight.  needlesstosay (yes, that's all one word) i don't think we'll do that again!  but, i've already said that once this summer so who knows...  of course he won't have another birthday this summer either... so maybe that'll help me be firm in my word.
while the littles were at vbs, i came home and started adejay on piano lessons.  i taught her all the basics i could think of, but then decided we'd need to purchase some books to further the education.  i mean, i could draw out my own book... but i just wasn't sure if it'd save time or money.  and, well, i'm frugal and realistic!  so, we went out and bought her three books.  a theory book, a practice book, and a performance book.  :)  yeah!  finally!  i've been talking about giving her lessons for about... 6 years at least.  and we've had a piano for at least one year!!!  anyway, so now it's happening.
on our way to the music store, we drove past a fresh accident and my heart broke.  it was a motorcycle accident and the victim was laying on the street.  thankfully emergency vehicles were there taking care of him, but it really gave me a sick feeling.  so i took it as a teaching opportunity to my pre-teen-almost-old-enough-to-drive daughter...  and i prayed.  and i'm still praying for the poor dude. 
the kids did alright at vbs.  we're doing it again tomorrow.
the kids also had a muddy blast outside in the hot hot sun today.  our sprinklers aren't working, so i had the hose watering the dry grass.  well, that's what the purpose of it being on was.  apparently it was making mud and kids all wet instead.  but whatever.  same thing, right?!
i have lots of pictures to download and upload from yesterdays birthday celebration.  that'll be fun.  you'll have to wait for that.  maybe a tuesday post???
i put the kids down earlier to bed tonight because they were all really tired.  or i was.  either way.  and i fell fast asleep...
so why am i up now?  well, that'll have to wait for another post.  a wednesday post
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Alexis said...

Mud sounds like fun!! Yay for Piano lessons! I am sure she is going to really enjoy that.

troybee said...

sleeping on the trampoline. that's good.

Trenicker said...

yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! Sounds like fun for all.

Anonymous said...

You should ask your brother if he still has the huge stack of piano books from when you kids were taking piano lessons. The songs don't change from generation to generation so that would save lots of money if you used them.