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Saturday, April 9, 2011

ladies night

i'm 29 years old.  in my 29 years, i have NEVER had a "ladies night" like most people think of ladies night.  well, i take that back.  in high school as we were nearing graduation, one of the girls in my class invited all of us other girls over for a slumber party "girls night out".  it was wild.  it was fun.  but other than that one (since i've been grown up), i've never done the girls night out/ladies night fling.  yeah, i'm serious!
last night my mom and sister drove up and picked me up.  we went to a hotel and started my first ladies night out.  my mommy rented a residential suite at an inn that was right across from the mall.  we had a GREAT time!
here's what we did:
  1. checked into the hotel at about 8ish pm.
  2. popped in a work out video of jillian michaels and worked out for an hour.
  3. went down to the pool. 
  4. did some toe nails. 
  5. talked a bit.
  6. went to bed/sleep
  7. woke up and had facials 
  8. went to a leadership breakfast at my church where everyone could tell that my sister and i were sisters!  (we're sure it's because we both had our hair in braids because we really don't look like twins or anything!!!) 
  9. met some new friends.  hi "dick & arlene"!
  10. went shopping!!!  (grocery shopping of course)
  11. came back to the hotel.
  12. soaked in the hot tub. 
  13. made lunch because our awesome room had a cute little kitchen equipped with stove and everything!
  14. made some goals and decided we were gonna do this again (soon)!
  15. had a little surprise fun.  i pulled out some silling string on them!  they screamed like girls and locked themselves in the bathroom.  then my little sister remembered that she's not so little anymore and overpowered me.  she then surprised me!!!
  16. went ice skating. 
  17. came home. 

it was A-MAZE-ING!!!  'MAZING i tell ya!  no wonder ladies do this all the time...  what fun.  we had good, clean, healthy fellowship and good, clean, healthy fun.  it was great!  it really was.  it was GREAT!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


LouisianaMom said...

How fun, what a great way to rejuvenate yourself for your family!

Bonnie and Troy said...

Well, there are three of my favorite women... :D Great report.

Alexis said...

How fun!! It makes me wish I was closer to my family.

Jonathan and Telcia said...

I think I had ladies night out all through college.
This one was the BEST!


Daniel Becker said...

I'm sure glad you put pictures up because, otherwise it would have been just another blog without pictures.

Mandy said...

this was my favorite post so far =) i can-not-wait for girls night out with my daughter! girls just wanna have fun!! loved it!!