"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

march 2011 happenings

  • i continued my fourth day group on prayer
  • i stopped going to my support group meeting that was once/week.
  • instead we started a new routine on saturdays that i am l.o.v.ing.  it goes like this: everyone work hard and get all the chores done well but quick.  then do *nothing* for the rest of the day.  i've been doing a lot of reading and the kids are watching lots of movies [of course].  i've also spent some time on the sewing machine.  saturday evenings sometimes end with a date with the hubs.  that's fun.
  • i had another GREAT keepers of the home study finishing off the discussion of intimacy.
  • we had a great day of photos (see this post if you missed it)
  • the girls had a fun week at school the second week.  it was kinda like a spirit week.  crazy socks day, hat day, scarf day, and their school colors day.  fun?  aaaa... it was alright.
  • i continued babysitting my one little extra guy monday through wednesday 9-4.  what a great job! 
  • otter pop's aunt came up to visit.  she stayed with otter's mom, but we got to see her a few times and it was super great.  she's a wonderful lady! 
  • the boys got their much needed spring haircuts.

  • adejay wrote an AWESOME essay on a character in history between soandso and soandso.  she chose ruth (as in ruth from the BIBLE) and man was i proud.  it was a great paper too, did i mention?! 
  • adejay did a presentation on that same character.  she had to dress up and "memorize" the information she learned.  all the kids did and they had a little colorful sticker placed on their shoulder.  the visitors of the "wax museum" [us] went around the museum [auditorium] and pushed the wax statue's buttons [stickers] and they [the students] would come alive and tell us their story and then freeze back into a wax statue pose.  it was cute.  it was informative too.
  • we sold our justy(s).  -that was sad-  and our little pick-up. 

  • the girls had their school class pictures.  those will be fun to see. 
  • starboy learned how to somersault.  he's so adorable!
  • we finished off the month with a GREAT spring break.  i miss those girls!  it was so great to get to have us all home for a whole week.  it made me miss homeschooling.  :(  here are some fun things we did during the week:  made and baked cookies. made and baked rolls and cinnamon rolls.  learned about the fruits of the spirit.  crocheted.  sewed some more (made a blanket).
  • also had one 'nother extra that last week to babysit.  that was nice.  he's a sweet babe just 10 days older than starboy.  
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Jonathan and Telcia said...

oh, all that beautiful hair is GONE. the back of starboy's head was gorgeous. but, they are out of this world cute now.
very good.
also, so glad you sold the truck too! don't worry, you guys will find something for nacho to drive around.
cute justys :(
so proud of A. I bet she gave an awesome presentation. i'ld like to read the paper! tell her we're proud of her.
i like her picture with her siblings. tulah's sneaking behind her outfit and has that sweet smile.

Kimberly said...

You are doing a lot of sewing! When you get feeling ambitious, you should check out ucreate. It's a blog of a gal who collects crafty ideas from all over the web. She often has sewing projects featured.

Thanks for linking to my book reviews. I have another one coming very soon! :)

Liz said...

whoa?! how come i didn't know about spirit week? now i am feeling pretty bad. :( i think a lot of things have been completely gone from my mind lately. that wax museum sounds way cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am putting 5 x 7 pictures of all the grandkids on my BR wall, so please put some individual portrait-style pics of your kids on Shutterfly so I can get some prints. Probably the school pics will work fine for #1 and #2.