"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Friday, April 22, 2011

my little peanut

my little guy, starboy, went to bed early the other night.  he was being SUCH a groucho.  he's not like that often, so i knew something was wrong.  after feeding him well (that's usually when he gets grumpy) and making sure he had a clean, fresh diaper on, i put him in bed.  he usually lies right down without tears or cries, but he even fussed a bit in bed.  i thought he must be cutting teeth.  he's definitely hurting, so i gave him a dose of ibuprofen to ease his pain. 
he's signing a lot these days.  it seems every day he learns a new sign and/or verbalizes a new word that i can understand.  he's yearning to communicate much better than some of my other littles did at his age.  this is great and i love to watch him learn too.  but anyway, that night, we weren't communicating well. 

the next morning, he woke up just as cranky.  he wasn't even poopy, so i just decided to sit him in the bath.  he always loves the bathtub, even if he's hungry.  so, even before breakfast, i ran a bath and set him in it.  it hardly did anything for his grumps!  i noticed a bit of a runny messy nose when i was getting him ready for the bath and when i put him in the water i tried to do a quick wipe up of the snot.  he doesn't mind me wiping his nose, but he doesn't love me to do it with a wet hand.  however, since he had just woken up, it was a little crusty and water helps!  anyway, he swatted me away. 

... weird ... but, he was grouchy, so i just let him sit in the bath for a little. 
he didn't settle down.  so i came to check on him.  he's so cute, sitting there just pouting away.  naughty, but cute.  even "cuter" was the snot that was smeared on the side of his nose onto his cheek.  i knew he was already mad for the first water-wipe so i was quick to get my hand wet and pinch his nose to get it all this time.  as i pinched his nose, i felt a big pressure release and come popping out.  i couldn't believe it.  that's never happened.  i looked into the bathtub where the snot rocket had shot, and saw a peanut floating! 
he looked up at me and then laid down into the water.  i gave him his water bottle and he smiled and said, "tank chew!"  no more grumps.  no more groucho. 

a peanut.  hmph. 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Trenicker said...

so cute. i was wondering how the whole peanut in the nose thing went down! I still wonder how it got up there?!

MamaT said...

stay tuned.

Liz said...

wow. that's funny! poor little guy. i'd be grouchy too! i love how he was instantly happy afterwards, though. i too was wondering about this whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Did you read Kristen's memories of little Trent and the bean he stuck up his nose?