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Monday, July 25, 2011

the today part

today was our first "normal" day without adejay.  :(  we all miss her! 
we started our day off with chores going rather smoothly.  that was nice since we were down a team player!  i've been meaning to switch up the kids' chores and now was forced to.  so i got it all organized out and moved aleemay up to adejay's old chores, jones up to aleemay's old chores (a HUGE step for him, so let's pray he can man-up and get 'em done!), and boo up to some more responsible chores.  i had to add some new ones for adejay to take up.  her load is kinda light, but during the school year she has homework almost every night... so we have to allow for that. 
here's our list of chores and who gets what:
  1. *NEW* sweep and mop all the floors without carpet.  (this'll be nice since i just never seem to get around to it --until something sticky is spilled) (once/wk)~#1
  2. deep clean both bathrooms (once/wk)~#2
  3. vacuum all the carpet (daily) ~#2
  4. take the dishes out the dishwasher and put away the ones in your reach (without breaking them) (daily) ~#4
  5. empty all the little trash bins (in each bathroom and bedroom) into the big garbage and then replace the liners. (daily) ~#3
  6. take my (and otter's) laundry basket to the hall laundry closet and sort it (reds/whites/darks).  then fill the basket back up with whichever pile is biggest and bring it to the laundry room to be washed. (daily) ~#3
  7. take the clean clothes from the dryer and fold them into piles of who they belong to.  put away the linens.  (each child is responsible to put their own pile away but the folder is ultimately responsible for calling the other children for that task.  the folder also helps starboy with his pile) (daily) ~#1
  8. pick up the dog poop (daily) ~#1
  9. feed the dog (daily) ~#4
  10. water the dog (daily) ~#2
  11. *NEW (to promote better teamwork)* clear the table after meals, rinse off the dishes, and put away the food ~#1,2,&3
i'm excited to see how this works out.  and i'm sure you can stay tuned on that...
we also ran some quick errands and made a triple batch of cookies!  i had some organizing to get caught up on, so i made cookies instead.  :(  boo to me. 

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