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Thursday, November 3, 2011

tampons: dynamite or candy?

we watched a smidgen of AFV tonight and there was this clip of these two boys who found a tampon out in their lawn (???), unwrapped it, and were convinced that it was a stick of dynamite.  this humorously reminded me of my own boy/tampon story:
jones flooded our bathroom a few weeks ago by using too much tp.  that was such a disgusting mess!  i had an old box of tampons sitting behind the toilet on the floor because that bathroom doesn't have any storage space.  when i was cleaning the mess i just threw the whole box away because i didn't think it'd be safe to even assume they might be ok... if you know what i mean. 
anyway, jones is responsible for emptying the bathroom trash cans.  he came up to me the next day with a wrapped up tampon and a smile on his face. 
"why did you throw a whole box of these away?"  he asked
"because you flooded the bathroom and they got all poopy gross wet.  they're no good anymore," i replied.
"oh,"  he sighed, as he remembered the mess.  "what are they?  candy???"
"no, sweetie.  just throw them away."  is all i could answer through muffled giggles and smiles.  if he only knew.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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Liz said...

hahaha! when i first read your title I was like, wha? it'll be funny to remind him of that when he's older.