"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Thursday, November 17, 2011

my backside

boy i am BEHIND this week in my blog posts.  let me tell you why.  in bullet format.  because that's my favorite way.
  • the boys got sick last thursday night.  all night.  midnight on.  all over.  the good part: they conveniently waited a laundry cycle before getting sick again each time.  starboy ended up sleeping in the bathtub because he just really couldn't understand the leaning into a bucket or running to the toilet thing.  unfortunately i'm just not as quick as i used to be, so after three beds made it to the wash i became a brilliant thinker with the bathtub.  the plus to my brilliance? it was closer to our room, so i was quicker to get there, and it was closer to the toilet, so i didn't have to run him as far.  bonus points for brilliance? no.  none.
  • i had a retreat up in the mountains with a bunch of wonderful God-loving women who deeply desire to draw closer to Him and His plan for their lives.  friday night through sunday.  it was awesome.  i felt horrible leaving sickies at home, but was reassured by my husband that EVERYTHING would be just fine.  which they were.  the boys didn't have any more sickness that had to be cleaned up.  boo threw up saturday night.  i came back sunday.  it was just fine.  just like he said it would be.
  • we celebrated adejay's 13th birthday on the 13th with a great big (a little too big) ice cream cake from dairy queen (reece's blizzard flavored).  it's weird that we have a TEENager!
  • aleemay was sick and had to stay home from school on monday.  :(  starboy also started showing signs that he wasn't all the way over the sickness... or he caught something else.  he had a horrible cough...
  • while getting up every two hours with starboy monday night to take him on a drive to let the cool air cool his croup cough, i started feeling sick.  i wasn't sure if it was lack of sleep or what... until the 1:00 drive ended and i up-chucked all of my innards.  the upchucking didn't really stop until about 6am... and then they started chucking out the other end.  i called the dr. because i was pretty sure i was going to up-chuck my baby too.  she reassured me that all was ok as long as i keep trying to keep liquids down.  so i started drinking as much as i could.  even though it was all coming out simultaneously.  at about 4pm i felt strong enough to walk from one side of the house to the other and then back.  but that wiped me out, so i didn't try it again until about 8pm.  it was a really rough day.  to make it worse...
  • otter pop and adejay were also sick.  they both felt awful (just as awful as me, i presume), but otter pop didn't throw up at all (just felt like it) and adejay only threw up once... so i left them out in the living room to "supervise" the others.  (the littler ones).  aleemay didn't feel horrible, but i didn't mind letting her stay home again with the condition of the rest of us.  boo didn't complain about being sick... she just enjoyed the endless movie selection and the endless choice of cuddle buddies.  and then starboy.  poor starboy.  he is just really struggling in feeling well.  just miserable.  still lots of diarrhea and achy body and fevers on and off.  he was a great little sicko to be sick with.  he cuddled and slept closest to me a good part of the day.  so who's left?  well jones.  he wasn't feeling a bit sick.  he felt just fine.  however, i couldn't let him go to school since i knew there was no way over the moon that i (or anyone) could pick him up... and since leaving your child in care of a school all day is ok in some states... i just couldn't do it.  so he stayed home and complained of no breakfast, lunch, or dinner... all day long.  :(  i think he found some apples to chew on.  maybe some carrots too.  i dug out a kiwi for him once.  and he said something about cheese sticks and pepperoni.  ...actually i'm only being a little sarcastic.  it's all true.  but at about 3 (ish), otter pop asked me what was for lunch too.  and then had the audacity to suggest tortilla soup.  thankfully i had some in the freezer.  so not only did i pull through in great-wifing, but also got an award for the best sick mom ever because they (whoever "they" were that ate it) actually got dinner!  --i just didn't get up for any of it.--
  • wednesday at 3am i woke up and felt like normal human again.  and everyone else must've too because everyone went to school and work.  !!!!!  however, i missed my wednesday hair post because i was so busy disinfecting the house and doing load after load after load after load after load after load of laundry! (and you could double that sentence.)
  • so, today, thursday, i am finally caught up.  i even made a grocery list and meal plan for the next week and a little bit.  i bought the meat-portion of the groceries already too.  i had to take a quick (hopefully quick) little break so that the little ones could rest their weary heads... so here is my quick break to type this little diddy up.  we're not really all well.  jones in next to me coughing his head off and starboy
  • i'll try and get a gratituesday post off for you all to endure too.  i also have a hair post to catch up with... when i get a round tuit.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that you've all been sick. Too bad I don't live closer; at least I could have taken the WELL ONE to school and pick him up, etc.

troybee said...

thumbs down for the sickness, but thumbs up for the blog. thanks!