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Sunday, November 20, 2011

13 on the 13th

who has a teenager in the house?  we do!  we do!!!
this is adejay with the lunch ladies that she serves with each day at school.  11/16/11
it's really ridiculously weird to me that our eldest daughter is in her TEENS...  i mean, i know it's been coming now for, like, 13 years... and she's been warning us  for 22 months... but it's still really weird.  she's all old and stuff.  and she's been acting like a teenager for... like, at least 10 years... but it's just weird.  that's all.  weird. 
she only has 5 more years before she's 18.  that's it.  did i mention that it's weird???
this is adejay with starboy at the pumpkin patch.  10/6/11.
so, all this to say, last week, adejay had her 13th birthday.  on the 13th.  it was golden.  i bought a reece's ice cream blizzard cake to celebrate, but since i was gone half of the day, i didn't even get a chance to make her a dinner.  in fact, we had her cake for dinner.  (it was good!)
she asked for pulled pork sandwiches for her dinner, so i figured i'd go shopping the next day and get the stuff.  well, as you might have read, that didn't happen.  or the next day.  or the next.  but then the next day i did, but her aunt took her out that night.  and then the next night her nana took her out and hasn't brought her back since!!!  so... we're having her birthday dinner tonight and i guess i'll just hope she'll join us. 
this is adejay up with the horses when we went to visit some relatives.  8/11.
that's what having a teenager is like, right?!
i'm teasing about that.  adejay is a great kid.  teenagers can be great.  she's very respectful and obliging to our rules and regulations.  i started a new tradition and i hope with the other kids i can remember to do it.  i started a questionnaire-type-survey that i'm going to give to the kids at about age 12 and continue each year.  it will help us be on the same page and respect each other.  hopefully.  it's full of life questions, love questions, and family questions.  it is an honest answer survey where the kids won't have to fear the answer they give because it's all out of love and trust.
adejay with her aunt.  2011.
anyway, here's a little truth and love about my 13 year old blessing:
she's beautiful, funny, talented, imaginative, natural on the piano, wolf-crazy.  she loves to sing, loves to be "in" on things (everything).  she's God-loving, emotionally reserved, tall, smart, athletic, very thoughtful, responsible, growing, boy-crazy, friend-centered, social, serving, animal lover, compassionate, good sister, red-haired, nice and kind, dare devil, adventurous, strong-willed, argumentative, morally driven, artistic, obedient, respectful, vocal, buff,  good daughter, grand-daughter, niece, cousin, a swimmin' fool, and a fun gal!
adejay with 2 of her aunts and 1 of her grandmas.  2011.

adejay on a rafting trip she took this past summer 2011.

in the comments, if you know adejay, you can post your own thoughts or memories with/of her.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

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