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Sunday, February 5, 2012

happy birthday girls!

yesterday, the whole day was spent cleaning and celebrating.  my parents came up and we celebrated binkins' 7th birthday, my 30th birthday, and boo's upcoming 4th birthday.  my brother and sister popped in to join us because they just happened to be in town as well. 
at about 7, otter pop and i then headed out on the town to celebrate my 30th birthday along with a good friend's 30-somethingth birthday with dinner, arcade, and a movie. 
it was an awesome day, as it was mostly revolved around ME!  (just being real, folks!)
here are a few pix so i can use less words:

my daddy getting his hair combed by my sweet and cute niece
(i grabbed the camera when i saw she was doing his arm hair at first!)

boo got one of the three dimes in the birthday cake.

binkins got another one of the three dimes...

and i got one of the three dimes!  all three birthday girls are 10 cents richer!!!!!  happy birthday!
 perhaps someone else got a picture of the beautifully lit birthday cake...  i'm pretty sure we were taking pictures of us blowing it out, but i guess since i was one of the blowers, my camera wasn't being used (shoot!).  i didn't think of that until i downloaded these pictures.  :(

boo received a rapunzel dress and wig!  (how perfect for my little tangled doll.)

this is my party-sharer and party giver.  <3  great gals!  great fun!!!

and these are our extra awesome hubbies who strive to please us women in all they do.  personally, i like mine the best!
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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Anonymous said...

Oh, this was a fun blog to read (and fun to live it, I might add!) Thanks for the quick post! lylyly