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Thursday, January 27, 2011

are you my mother?

 i have a friend that i recently found out has donated the next several months of her life over as a gift of surrogacy to a couple that has found themselves unable to conceive naturally by themselves.  i found out via a facebook comment stating something similar to this, "today was transfer day.  i'll lay back and wait it out hoping by tonight i'll be pregnant making a certain couple's family dreams come true." 

honestly my first reaction was jaw dropping shock.  i've always claimed that i could be a surrogate mother.  i have read about surrogates in articles and have seen a tv special on a lady who's done it dozens of times (literally)... but i guess i just didn't really think it happened in real life.  especially not in idaho! 
i had a precious friend give birth to a stillborn son after carrying him for 36 weeks. 

she had gone through a horrendous pregnancy, filled with all sorts of complications of the uncomfortable type.  their family was devastated (as were most of the other families close to them!)

 i was majorly broken hearted as well.  the pregnancy was so rough that they were SURE they didn't want to go through that again!  however, they were left with a feeling of an incomplete family...  after months of grieving and sorrow my friend expressed her desire for another baby.  it didn't take me a few seconds to think of surrogacy as a solution.  it almost seemed like the only viable option, however i did know there was an enormous cost.  after my friend left me that day, i was almost over-excited to talk with otter pop about the possibility of me helping our friends make the baby that they were longing for.  he, of course, was very supportive to the idea. 
well, if you couldn't have figured it out, things didn't work out for me to surrogate their pregnancy.  God had other plans. 

(this was just last year)
i've been thinking deeply about God orchestrating our lives and us handing over the reigns, or baton if i stick to the same analogy of orchestration, to Him.  He is so mighty.  He is so powerful.  He is such a better conductor than we could ever imagine being. 
this is a touchy topic, but this is my blog and i'm entitled to my feelings.  i really don't want to offend anyone, so if you think you might be offended and don't want to read a new perspective, just go away.  but either way i'm gonna blog. 
i'm not going to condemn anyone who chooses surrogacy or anything else that i'm convicted about.  my friend, the maybe-prego surrogate, is a sweet christian lady.  i know she's doing this for all the sweet, loving, giving, non-self-centered reasons... 
so, with all that said, i'm going to continue this in several blog posts because otherwise i'll lose you all about six paragraphs ago.  stay tuned. . .

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." COMMENT! IT SHOWS ME THAT I'M BEING READ!!!

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