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Sunday, January 9, 2011

first menu of this year

i have a good menu going and i'll post it even before grocery shopping. 
i have touched on part of the financial reasons in creating a menu, but other reasons why i find it beneficial to create a menu are:
1.)  it helps me set up the day.  i have mom'd long enough to know what works for me.  NOT having an idea of what's for dinner STRESSES THE HECK OUT OF ME at about 4pm!  2.)  when i create a menu, each morning all i have to do is look at the menu and decide what's for dinner.  also, when i do that, 3.)  i also am planning ahead, and at that point, take the meat out of the freezer.  **that's where a lot of my stress was coming from at 4pm before.  dethawing meat in 1-2 minutes isn't really possible!**  4.)  when i decide what to make and take out the meat, i also know how long i need to prep and make the meal... so, if it's going to take 3 hours, i can start at 2.  if it's going to take 30 min., i can start at 4:30.  if it's a crockpot meal, i can start at 10.  i hate it when i have a great meal idea at 4pm, but it's a crockpot meal, so it won't be ready until breakfast time!!!  ;)  5.)  going grocery shopping once/week or once/2weeks, is SO BLESSED!  it's SO wonderful to always have all the ingredients!  i only have to make quick trips, maybe one more time/2weeks for another stock-up of milk... so that's blessed too.
anyway, back to my menu...  this week (s), i tried to get a good variety of meats in my meals.  i tend to favor chicken and ground beef.  one, because they're cheap and so am i.  but two, because they're easy and i'm not.  :)  so, i looked up some new recipes because i like to and here's what i came up with:
  • mulligan stew = not new.  it's a family recipe.  we've had several soups and stews lately, but not this one and i miss it.    i don't think i've posted the recipe and i know i haven't posted pictures, so perhaps i'll do that this time.  WITH fresh baked bread spread with butter.  mmmmmmmm-mmmm.
  • pineapple-bacon burgers (picture) with onion rings 
  • dj's outdoor pork loin with veggies = i'm not going to completely make these outdoors, because it's so frigid.  i think i'm gonna combine it to a crockpot meal.  we'll see if i can do such a thing...
  • 2 ideas for this meal:  either one.)  ham and pineapple kabobs  (picture) OR two.)  pineapple ham and rice (casserole).
  • chicken paprikash = a hungarian grandma-type recipe i thought i'd brave because it sounded pretty hungarian-grandma-type yummy.  (not that i have a yummy hungarian grandma... but i can imagine!) 
  • makeover swiss chicken supreme = i have no idea what the first swiss chicken supreme dish was that needed madeover, but i'm willing to try it's successor!  (look at the creativity of that picture... cute green plate and all!!!)
  • chicken tarragon = i am not certain that i love tarragon, but i'll let you know if i (or any/all of my family members do) after this.  :)  also, it has fun veggies in it, like zucchini, carrots, and mushrooms... so if we don't like the tarragon... we'll still have nutrition! 
  • beef tips = served over noodles and probably with corn.  also, just noticed this would be another easy crockpot meal if i need.
  • pumpkin joes = i'll just let you wonder away...  we have lots of pureed pumpkin, so i'm broadening my horizons with pumpkin recipes!
  • lasagna = finish the list off with another not-new recipe.  in fact, it's so not new i buy it frozen.  however, i will check the ingredients and make sure it is in fact healthy and not modified for the government's sake. 
  • we have a birthday meal this week, so i'll let that be a surprise and a post of her very own.  6 years old!!! 
and that wraps it up.  i hope you enjoy your meals this week... but i hope we enjoy ours more!  ;)
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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