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Saturday, January 8, 2011

don't know what to do???

(pictures from our church christmas service)
 (in the audience)
 (Jones WAS on-beat!)
 (aleemay looking oh-so-beautiful)
 (isn't that just precious?!)
(pictures from our church's Christmas service)
i was up early this morning without any kids.  i ventured out to discuss things with people.  the topic of discussion: "understanding" and "encouragement". 
there was a lot said, but sometimes it's impossible to understand unless you've "been there, done that".  when you don't WANT to "be there" or "do that", but you still want to be understanding, what can you do?!
my answer:  pray.
sometimes it's so difficult to always be uplifting and encouraging.  sometimes you're just so mad, that the only way you feel like encouraging is by yelling and screaming and kicking and punching.  that's really not encouragement.  it may make you feel better, but it isn't really uplifting anyone else.  in those times, you really can't just flip the switch and be all counselor-like... some times you just don't have the words to encourage (or any words at all).  sometimes you are too sad and are feeling more sorry for yourself than anyone else to be able to encourage.  sometimes the words that you think are encouraging are really not what others need.  -sometimes we think we have all the answers, but when we share them it only makes matters worse, hurts feelings, makes people bitter, etc.-  encouragement isn't always easy... what can you do to be encouraging?
my answer:  pray.
prayer works.  prayer can help in mysterious ways and in the way that He controls.  we can't always control everything (much to our dismay -especially us women), but we can let go and let God.  you can pray for understanding, but you can also allow God to understand for you...  you can pray for encouragement for others to come through OTHER people and things.  sometimes by taking a step back and praying, you're giving others around you the real encouragement and understanding that they need all the while deepening your relationship and faith in the Lord. 
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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