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Friday, January 28, 2011

contra seption & ives

this isn't going to tie perfectly, but this is connected from my previous post (are you my mother? ).  stick with me, it'll all flow together somehow.

my husband has always been very strongly convicted about birth control.  (yeah, i hear you.  i know what you're thinking.)  i haven't shared those convictions until about a little less than three years ago.  God spoke to me.  after boo was born i really felt like we had done our part in populating society.  we had enough to fill a van comfortably and i just felt like we were always dealing with babies.  it felt like i life was always revolved around having a baby.  i was getting antsy and thinking that if we didn't stop having babies, we weren't going to get to enjoy any of the kids' fun parts of life.  we couldn't go camping anymore... who camps with babies?!  we couldn't ride anymore... who dirt bikes or rides motorcycles at all with babies?!  we couldn't do ANYTHING (so i thought)... who did ANYTHING when they had BABIES?! 
so, i started looking into other forms of birth control.  other than the pill.  because that's what my husband didn't like... the pill.  his reason:  he just didn't/doesn't like the thought of taking some sort of foreign, unnatural substance that prevents the miracle of birth from happening.  seems like a reasonable reason...
anyway, the one i seemed to like was the mirena IUD.  i thought, well that seems great.  in my understanding it just blocked the sperm from getting to a place that it could fertilize any eggs passing through.  great.  right?

well, after i googled it i realized that it, too, would put a foreign, un-natural substance in my body IN CASE the barrier didn't work, to kill off the sperm and in turn prevent the miracle of birth from happening.  also, i got really freaked out in researching the IUD options because of the amount of dissatisfied "customers" there were with the product.  i realize there probably were lots of satisfied people that didn't give feedback because they were satisfied, but it really gave me an uneasy feeling, which i, in turn, took as God speaking to me and also a negative choice towards that option. 
it was about at that time, that i started a bible study/christian women's mentor group.  after going for a few months, my friend that i mentioned in yesterday's post lost her baby.  i couldn't take it anymore.  i just felt so strongly that God can give us blessings as He wills...
God can pour on the blessings
in astonishing ways.
2 Corinthians 9:9 (MSG)
how many blessings (other than children) do we turn away?!  if He blesses us with good health, we take it and are so thankful.  if He blesses us with stable finances, we rejoice and are glad. if He blesses us with wisdom, we would be delighted.  He can bless us in so many ways, and really it seems as the only blessing that we are unwilling to accept with a happy heart every time is the precious miracle of life, in pregnancy!  why is that, you think? 
stay tuned for more...

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