"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Friday, March 2, 2012

38 weeks

How far along? 38 Weeks

Total weight gain: i have no idea.  i held of on writing this post so i could have some info after my appointment this morning.  however, i have a kiddo who's face is lost due to coughing it off all night and morning, so i had to cancel my appointment.   
Maternity clothes? all the time.  day and night. 
Stretch marks? i think so.  i think i have 4-6  (yes, that's FOUR to SIX) new ones above my belly button.  she hasn't been stretching me out so much, so i don't know why they appeared... i have a sweet little 4-y-o that LOVES to spread belly butter all over my belly and feel for buttercup to stick her butt out at her.  it's so precious, buttercup loves it (i think that's why she sticks her but out so far) and so does boo (i know she does)!  apparently the belly butter doesn't help the stretch marks not appear.  i had a really itchy evening and then i noticed them the next day.  it's completely possible they're not new...
Sleep:  mediocre.  i've had sick kids for the past 3-4 nights, so even if i was sleeping well, it's been interrupted by little ones coughs and needs. 
Best moment this week: i dunno.  it hasn't been a great week...  nothing comes to mind.

Miss Anything? we're missing quite a few library books.
Movement: oh yeah.  still LOTS of movement!  she's slowing down just a little, but still LOTS of movement in me. 
Food cravingacts:  i gave up desserts for the 40 days of lent.  i REALLY would love something soft, sweet, and gooey.  ANYTIME!  cookies.  cakes/breads.  candy.  ANYthing...  it's weird because i usually am not a sweet-cravin' gal.  i don't care too much for sweets.  i'm not saying i don't ever eat them, but it's not hard for me to resist.  i've cut sweets (not just desserts) out of my diet several times without shock or too much trouble.  well, apparently during pregnancy, it's a big deal!  when's lent over anyway???
Anything making you queasy or sick:  nope.
Gender: girl

Labor Signs: no.  
Symptoms: a little heartburn (it's easing up), a few small contractions every day, stretched out belly that is COMPLETELY full of a movin' little baby, a very hurt hip every morning and is starting to continue throughout the day, crotch pain -off and on-, a little swollen feet (barely)... but nothin' worth complaining about.  (except maybe the hip pain...)
Belly Button in or out? out ALL the way.  my belly is so stretched out that the belly button is stretched flat now too.
Wedding rings on or off? on.  :)

Happy or Moody most of the time:  happy.
Looking forward to:  figuring out a name for this sweet baby girl.
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


troybee said...

I almost hesitate to suggest, but why not Buttercup?

Nicnic said...

does that mean you got a new ring??? I want to see it!

MamaT said...

well, if i named her buttercup, i'd have to change all these posts to protect her anonymousity... buttercup's awfully cute though.

MamaT said...

i did get a new ring. however, the camera is broken... so, you'll have to wait and see it in person.

Nicnic said...

wait until monday?!?! TORTURE!!! :)