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Friday, March 16, 2012

on with my lists...

what's in HER bag?  (in no particular order)

i packed her bag as i would pack a diaper bag minus a ton of diapers and plus a ton of clothes.  here's what i keep in our diaper bag: 

    here's my new diaper bag that i picked up for free at a clothing swap! 
    it's cuddled nicely in our new car seat that i also got for swapping some clothes... 
    i love people who think like me!!!!
  1. clothes.  i packed the bag shortly after the kidney stone / delivery scare, and i was at 36 weeks... so i was optimistic enough to think that she MIGHT fit into some newborn clothes.  and i haven't taken them out, but i did add a 0-3mo. outfit or two...  usually i carry around one extra outfit.
  2. a pacifier.
  3. wipes.  we don't use them at home, but we sure do in the diaper bag!!!
  4. meds.  (gas drops, tylenol, ibuprofen.  we obviously won't be using them on such a little tot... but they're always in my bag!)
  5. burp rag.
  6. diapers (about 5) and 1-2 covers.
  7. a plastic bag to wrap the wet or soiled diaper in.
  8. a changing pad.
  9. nursing cover.
  10. an extra nursing bra. 
  11. nursing pads.
  12. an extra shirt for me in case i leak on my shirt.
  13. some safety pins.
  14. an extra diaper clip.
  15. fingernail snippers.
  16. baby/toddler entertainment.
  17. a little pad of paper.
  18. the nose-sucker-outer-thingy.
  19. diaper cream.
  20. nipple ointment... which also works on diaper rash, and dry skin, and lots of other things!
  21. baby blanket (i actually still have to dig these out and pack some!)

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the camera, lip balm, and hard candies (for the dry mouth while you're in labor).