"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Sunday, March 4, 2012

family fun days = sundays

last week, we needed to use a groupon that i purchased in december because it was about to expire.  the cranky thing about it was that we didn't get much snow... so the fun wasn't as high as it could've been... but the truth is, we had a great time anyway! 
the groupon was for a 90-minute horse-drawn sleigh ride with a "cowboy cuisine" meal in the middle.  it was at a place about an hour north of us, so we enjoyed a beautiful drive up the river to the location as well.

unfortunately, since there was such a drastic lack of snow, they cut the rides in half and minus 5 minutes, so that they could accommodate the large amount of groupon purchasers at the last minute (before expiration).  i wasn't satisfied with that part, but that's just 'cause i'm a frugal mother who cares about those details.  the sleigh ride was really awesome, even though we were jolted bouncily over the ice-covered path.  the horses were beautiful and so was the surrounding landscape! 

i'm trying to suck in so that you can see a little starboy...

the meal was fantastic!  we had a sirloin roast with two types of potatoes, green beans, delicious fresh bread, and topped off with a mouth-watering (looking, for me) cherry cobbler or some sort. 

as we left, i suggested we take another route home because i thought we were about halfway home via a loop.  i was REALLY wrong, or the snow slowed us down a WHOLE LOT, or ... i was really wrong!  it took us about 3 hours to get home the "other" way.  but it was a fun and beautiful drive (while it was light enough to see). 

as we were even just leaving the parking lot to the sleigh ride place, starboy was pointing and saying, "a-mull".  i looked over and out my window to see a few deer out the window.  i was so proud of my little two-year-old, being the first out of seven to point out the wildlife!!!!  after that all of our eyes were peeled.  there were TONS of deer and elk right down by the road for the remainder of the trip.  it was so fun to see so many so close!!! 
we had an awesome day.  irony had it that we had a HUGE snow storm a few days later... but it was after the expiration date, so no skin off my back for going when we did. 

this sunday was another family filled fun-day! 
the weather has been spring-like (in the low 60's!), and it's been so enjoyable.  the kids have been out playing in it a lot.  however, i'm so big and lazy i've only been enjoying it sitting by the window... and having all the windows opened up. 
we took a drive to church, to deliver some boxes of girl scout cookies, and then looked for a automatic car wash on the way home.  --our van got absolutely FILTHY on our trip to the mountains for the sleigh ride.--  we didn't find one, so we just came home and had lunch, and then did a short quiet time.  then i called otter pop and asked him where i could find an automatic car wash.  he told me, so we ventured back out.  we found it, drove through it (after waiting in line with a million other cars!  -apparently it was a GREAT idea for everyone), and LOVED it. 
back in the olden days (when it was just me, otter pop, and little wolfie) there was an automatic car wash at a corner gas station that when you gassed up there and bought more than $15 of gas (hahaha who doesn't pay $15 of gas EVER these days!!!), you'd get a free wash.  wolfie used to love it when we'd go through it...  surprisingly, she seemed to get the biggest kick out of it yesterday too.  :)  it was fun.  after the car wash, i surprised the kids with a trip to u-swirl (a frozen yogurt build-your-own-cup and pay-by-the-oz shop).  i bought a $12 gift certificate for $6 a while back and decided to use it.  they all LOVED that too, so it was nice to spend some time together with smiling faces. 
i love sundays.  i love family.  i love building memories with children and their smiling faces!!!
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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