"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Sunday, March 11, 2012

no news here.

no news is good news... that's what my mama always said.  in this case, it means i have not exploded without child.  so take that as you will... good news or bad news.  i'm still being patient. 
looking at the calendar and finding the most convenient day (for me/us) to have this sweet buttercup, may have been counter-productive.  the most convenient day, would be 3/29 (and what a great date -in numbers- to have a baby too!)...  but that's exactly 2 weeks after my due date.  so, after the 15th comes and goes, i think i'll start telling people that 3/29 is my estimated due date.  even now when i tell people my due date is in 6 days (well, it's 5 today but no one has asked), they give me the "oh i'm so sorry" look.  patience people.  patience!  she'll be born!!!  and until the 29th comes... I'M NOT QUITE READY!!!

my love arrived safely home on thursday night at 11:40pm.  i was nice enough to even wake up and go pick him up.

we also took a little drive home and got to bed around 12:30 or 40.  i was exhausted the next day.  i mean... i got up, really had to fight my will and get dressed, and pretty much planted myself on the couch ALL DAY LONG!  my body was so tired and sore... it kinda felt like a fever, without a raised temp.  exhausted.  seriously.  thankfully my little angel children were so cooperative and sweet.  we didn't even watch tv (or movies... we never watch tv) all day long and they were STILL angels.  it helped -a lot- that the weather was gorgeous.  they spent a lot of time playing outside.  i planted myself out there for a few hours during the am it was so pretty. 

i don't know what today holds.  i have my maternity photo session that i've been looking forward to all week.  i hope i can make myself look pretty.  it's cloudy out, so hopefully that will be good...  i'm not a photographer so i don't know.  i just can tell it's cloudy. 

we are selling a vehicle this week, so my mr is out getting pictures and cleaning it out.  a guy from clear across the country is flying out to buy it and drive it home.  i'm amazed... but he's paying full asking price so i couldn't be happierr (well, unless we would've asked even more for it.  but that's 'cause i'm greedy.)  we were HOPING to get $1000 less than our asking price, but i knew there was a chance of getting more so i asked otter pop to price it high initially because we weren't/aren't really in a need of selling it quickly.  we had it on craigslist for about 2 weeks before this guy called... so, i think it's probably a fair buying price.  we only had about 2 other people even call inquiring about it.  now we have to get the other one running and together. 

we also got our suburban up and running for about half what i thought it'd cost us... so that's a blessing.  my honey-cakes is looking for another back seat for it, so that we can (we, being him) install that in the very very back to have 3 more seats -making it an 11 passenger rig.-  i've heard of people doing it, but i've never seen it before.  of course the back three seats (inserted) would only be comfortable / ridable for little ones with short legs... but since that's most of our family right now, i think we'll be fine and dandy (as long as the insertation -otherwise known as inserting- of seat belts is compatible.) 

ok then.  i can't think of anything else to chat about.  oh... other than we got a new camera!!!  so, with that, i'll leave you with a few pictures i took to see if i liked our camera (or... to see if it worked.  because if it works, i like it!)

it does look like she's eating his toes while picking her nose... neither of those are accurate.

and yes... i'm so wrapped up in taking pictures right now that i took a picture of him direction after a punishment.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Nicnic said...

Buttercup will come when she is good and ready ;)

Anonymous said...

Which vehicle did you sell? Sounds like you're going to have a nice down payment to buy a home??? lylyly