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Friday, March 16, 2012

my birth plan (read on at your own risk)

what's my birth plan look like? 
well, it looks a lot like the below one with more info (such as names and stuff that was left out for our privacy).  i also cut off the top, which states our family name's birth plan, our dr's name, and both otter pop's and my name. 

We have put together a simple birth plan so that you can know our wishes in this birthing experience at [hospital of our choice].  What we’d like, is for this experience to go smooth and leave us with an awesome memory.  We would prefer to have a more natural-centered childbirth and would appreciate having our nurse support us with this goal.  I TOTALLY understand that I will need to be flexible in my wishes if something unexpected happens.
I have an issue with my heart (PSVT), that when it starts pumping, it just keeps going faster and faster until it isn’t doing anything because it’s pumping so fast.  I have been seeing [insert cardiologist's name here] this pregnancy because it has been triggered a lot.  I am currently taking .5mg of Digoxin each evening.  I met with [cardiologist] last on March 6 and she was confident that I shouldn’t have any troubles in labor or delivery.  However, she is available if we need her. 
Before delivery, and during my laboring, I would really like a lot of freedom.  I would like to try and think that I could possibly be comfortable in my labor.  Purposely I am going to stay at home for as much of my labor process as possible because I don’t want to be tied to my bed.  Whether the freedom is me snacking, or walking around, or dancing, or whatever, I would appreciate being given this freedom.  I would like to use oil and warm compresses in the vaginal area before birth, to help soften and ready the tissues.  Hopefully that might decrease my need for an episiotomy.
I would prefer that my labor NOT be forced, nor “improved”, nor speeded up by the use of Pitocin.  Also, I would ask that my membranes be left alone.  Please refrain from artificially rupturing of the membranes at any time during my pregnancy.  I believe they will rupture when they’re ready to and that that process will help assist in a quicker delivery.  Instead, I would rather use natural methods to assist (nipple stimulation, pressure points, massage, etc.).  Along those lines, I would like to avoid using pain medication and an epidural.  IF the decision is changed and I am given an epidural, I would appreciate the consideration of NOT being given a precautionary dose of Ephedra just in case my blood pressure drops.  It triggers my heart to start pumping… and then we’ll have another issue! 
I would like to use whatever position that I find most comfortable to give birth in (on my side, squatting, on my hands and knees, etc.) and would also like my husband the opportunity to assist in the delivery, if the situation is right.  He would like to cut the umbilical cord.

We are so excited to meet this little girl!!!!!!  Directly after the delivery, I would love to have my daughter laid directly on my skin so that we can bond, first off, and so that she can be warmed with my skin to her skin.  I would love to hold her and snuggle her and have some bonding time before she is taken to have her stats charted.  Please inform us of any procedure that is needed for our baby. 
Lastly, we have a photographer [insert photographer's name here] that is scheduled to come document this sweet baby girl’s entrance into this world.  She plans on being unnoticed and as out-of-the-way as possible, but I really want her to be able to document as much as she can.  Please let her know if she is in the way and where she can be so that she’s not in your way but still able to take part in this amazing miracle. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider my wishes.

Physician Reviewed______________________________________________  Date__________

my dr is great enough to allow me the birth that i wish.  she has been practicing long enough that she WANTS her patients to have a happy memory and is willing (unlike a slew of other ob's) to release the amount of control she could have... to help her patients be happy. 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Alexis said...

Sounds great!! I hope everything goes smoothly!!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are taking 0.5 mg. Lanoxin every day? Or is it 0.25 mg.? 0.5 mg. is a very large dose.

Liz said...

Awesome! I hope it all goes according to plan!! I have one question for you? Have you thought about having them not cut the cord until after it as stopped pumping? (can't remember what that is called...not a full on lotus birth) Anywho, I was reading a bit about it a few months ago on Birth without fear, and decided that I was going to do that for the next baby. It basically allows all that oxygenated blood and nutrients to return back to baby after being pushed through. (that's the liz's dumbed down understanding of it).
I hope nothing happens with your heart!!! And, if you feel the need to call me and say, hey, by chance do you want to come and watch this birth, don't hesitate to call... :D