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Friday, March 16, 2012

the beginning of my lists

list numero uno:
what's in my hospital bag?  (in NO particular order)
  1. dum dum suckers.  my doula -last time- said that some mom's find a pressure point at the roof of their mouth that when they suck on dum dum suckers in a certain way, that pressure point is pressed and relief is felt.  we bought a bunch of dum dums for jones' valentine cards, so i thought it wouldn't hurt to try.  ---i won't think of them as "desserts" though!  ;)
  2. hard candy = lemon drops.  in case my mouth gets dry.  lemon will surely pucker it back up and i LOVE lemon drops.  ---again, not as a dessert though!
  3. lavendar oil.  it's supposed to be a calming and relaxing scent.
  4. laptop.  to update friends and family with news and pictures sooner than after i leave the hospital.  ...since we don't have a phone that's any smarter than a phone.
  5. birth plan.  i didn't mention march 29th in it, but that's also in my plan. 
  6. some soft cozy socks and some not-skid slippers.
  7. warm robe or sweater (still haven't packed)
  8. lip balm.  i've always packed this because everyone recommends it.  i've never used it... yet.
  9. pen and paper (still not packed.  unsure that i will.  but i do have a pad of paper and pen in my purse... and i'll most likely have that with me.)
  10. camera, batteries, and cord.  (i'm going to try my darnedest to get that out the door with me, but i CAN'T put it out there already!)
  11. shampoo and conditioner.  thank goodness my honey just took a trip so i have some convenient travel sized containers to pack!
  12. a book.  heaven is for real.  just in case...  when i was in the hospital with starboy there was the swine flu (H1N1 virus) going around.  the hospitals had completely changed their rules for NO KIDS to visit and only IMMEDIATE adult family members.  it was a lonely stay.  i could've used a book!
  13. rolling pin or tennis balls or rice pack.  i went with the rice pack.  and i MADE myself a cute new one out of some old dinosaur jammies of jones.  it says "bad attitude" on it.  :)  ---the hand rails at the hospital all are a PERFECT height for my lower back, so no rolling pin needed!  and the only tennis balls we have have dog drool all over them and i won't touch them with anything other than my shoe. 
  14. an orange. 

conveniently my hospital bag was tipped over in the back of "the thingamajigger" (our van),
so you can see its contents fairly well this way! 

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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Anonymous said...

Silly me--the items I wrote on the last comment were already listed in this blog. I should have read this one first. lylyly