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Thursday, March 22, 2012

41 weeks

How far along? 41 Weeks

Total weight gain: i lost 2 pounds from last week.  bringing me up to approximately 21-31 lbs gained (since the beginning of this pregnancy) and up to about 51-56lbs over what i should be as a normal healthy 30-y-o woman (that isn't pregnant). 
Maternity clothes:  these questions are silly!  so, i'll tell you what i've decided to wear today:  my olive green maternity shirt with some denim capri's.  slip on shoes. 
Stretch marks:  i believe they're coming in.  it's hard for me to tell you for sure that they're "new" stretch marks, but again this week my belly was all itchy, so i think i gained some new ones above my belly button around the front of my abdomen.  
Sleep:  i had a great night of sleep last night!  so i'd have to say, again, just fine.  i sleep.  i love our new down comforter.  it's perfect hot/cold-wise.    
Best moment this week:  i loved being able to watch my big miss perform in her drama production last saturday... 2 days after my due date.  God is good!!!!!
Miss anything:  yes, yes i miss some things.
Movement:  she had a huge moving party yesterday after quiet time.  it created QUITE uncomfortableness to me.  as in, i was groaning and moaning in pain.  i hope she didn't flip up-side-down, but it felt like she did... about 3 times, as well as 2 sets of 10 jumping jacks and 2 sets of 5 push-ups!
Food craving:  nope.  nothing.  not much of an appetite either.  but don't worry, i'm still eating.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  notta.
Gender: girl 

Labor Signs:  lots of contractions each day, but still sporadic and completely irregular.    
Symptoms:  no more heartburn, contractions every day, a large and heavy pregnant belly, sore back from the large and heavy belly, cervix pain with the contractions if i'm up on my feet, energy loss, butt-hook, shortness of breath, and complete lack of motivation almost all of the time, swollen ankles and feet some days... but nothin' worth complaining about.
Belly Button in or out?  i don't know.  i can't see it.
Wedding rings on or off? on. 

Happy or Moody most of the time:  happy, but with twinges of unexpected and unpredictable grumps throughout each day.   
Looking forward to:  meeting my little sweet growing buttercup!!!!
and here are the dr's stats:
i'm dilated to about 4cm, still 75% effaced and soft/ready.  the little one is stationed at a -2.  her heart rate was ranging from 120-150 today as they monitered me for about 10 minutes.  she guessed i'll naturally go into labor within the next couple days and as she was walking out the door informed me that she stripped my membranes.  i'm trying not to be irate, and just trust in God that He made my body well enought that even when people jerk around with me (stripping my membranes and whatnot), He'll keep preparing my body to deliver her naturally in His time and in her due time.  we'll just wait and see.   
i got to see a little sneak peek of her chubby little cheeks today.  i'll tell you what, she's no 7 pounder!  but, i'll keep whispering that she is, in my ear, to raise my confidence level in myself.  i can do it.  i CAN do it.  i CAN DO IT!!!!!!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Nicnic said...

Oh boy, I would be pretty pissy if a doctor stripped my membranes and THEN told me. WHEW! I'm mad just hearing it from you.
....Other then that, sounds like things are going great! I have a feeling that this week is the week, and perhaps I'll meet my niece this weekend, which would be great! I want to meet her before I have my little one and this weekend is our last chance really :) I'll STILL keep hoping for the 29th for you though, because I know how much you want it! love you sister, and great job so far on letting her come on her own, I'm proud of you and I know you can do it!!!

Liz said...

Um, did she not read your birth plan? That wasn't very nice of her. Seems like I have heard ladies say that even having that done it didn't do anything. Keep the faith! (and, since you are already getting ready, start doing the more enjoyable methods of labor progression. ;

Bridgette said...

you WILL do it T-I have no doubt! I'm excited to hear the news of her arrival!:)

PS What the heck is a butt-hook? Do I want to know??

MamaT said...

butt-hook = any time you walk past something to sit on (chair, couch, stool, countertop... ANYTHING) your butt just hooks right to it. it's a horrible disease!

MamaT said...

and thank you so much my faithful and supportive readers! i love you!!!!! i can do it. i CAN do it. i CAN DO IT!!!
...and nicole, now that she's done this to me, i'm now hoping for mar. 31, instead. the date isn't as pretty, but it's the day before otter pop has two days in a row off... so, if i'm going for convenience... it's WAY MORE CONVENIENT for everyone. plus, since it's a saturday, we wouldn't have to worry about any wait of any such people having to get things wrapped up at work before coming to relieve our parental duties. wolfie would be home (1st of all) and the other "reliever" is off on the weekends. so, now my EDD has been extended to 3/31/12 (but now that i write it 3/31/13 would be a better numerical birthday... kinda like starboys, i'd always want to add another year on.)

Anonymous said...

3/26/12 is a nice date, too. There are so many nice dates in the next week that I don't think you can miss a nice date. lylyly

troybee said...

3/23/2012 is a great date too.