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Sunday, February 20, 2011

menu time. let's do it!

i have three carry-over recipes from last menu...  it's no wonder it was a holy-grocery list last time, because we didn't starve for even one night and i STILL had THREE carry-overs!!!  here they are:
  • chicken sandwiches (patties grilled with pineapple and swiss cheese topping it), served with corn and homemade french fries (by the mr.)
  • crock pot pork chops, served with mashed potatoes and granny-green beans.
  • fried chicken, served with corn and zucchini melody and mashed taters.
and now for the rest of the two-weeks:
  • beef stroganoff (out of my hamburger cook book), served with salad.
  • my enchiladas (that i haven't posted a recipe for, but maybe i will this time.  my husband specifically requested my "old-school enchiladas" --they way i used to make them!  it's the easiest way.  they're just nothing fancy... just delicious!!!!!  so, look for that later in the next couple weeks.), served with rice and corn.
  • roasted pork loin with veggies.
  • crock pot apricot chicken (i may be doing a blog for this recipe too.  everyone should have it.  it's so easy and yummy!), served with a vinaigrette salad and rice.
  • tacos.
  • white chili served with tortilla chips.
  • grilled hamburgers, served with baked beans and corn.
this seems like a lame menu, but i am out of steam.  a good friend, i'll call her "sister" challenged her readers to try some new recipes.  i'm ALWAYS trying new recipes (that's probably what i think is lame about this menu.  they're all old.), but you might want to go to her blog and read her thoughts and join the challenge.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Anonymous said...

Your old friend, (I'll call her daughter) made a good challenge!

Shanna B said...

Thanks for the inspiration... I've been putting off menu planning and grocery shopping for a week. We're just about bare and I'm still putting it off. This helps me to think up some easy stuff to get us through the rest of the month. :)