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Thursday, February 24, 2011

an award? for ME?!

i was tickled pink today when i got a comment from a reader who i don't even know!  i was tickled even pinker when it was her giving me a blogger award.  i've seen these on popular blogs, but i am new to blogging and never thought anyone but a handful of peeps (mostly family) read mine! 
anyway, i was awarded The Versatile Blogger award.  when i checked out the stranger's blog, i found this:

"The rules for this award are to tell 7 things about yourself and contact and award 15 blogs this award as well...So here goes:''
rules for an award???  well that's just silly!  right?!  am i right?!
well, i'll do my best, but i'm sure i don't read nearly enough blogs to award it to 15 others!!!  so this will have to be a post in progress... for a very very long time!  i'll try to remember to top-post each time i find another worthwhile versatile blog to share with you.

7 things about me:
  1. i love (heart) being a mom and wife.  i'm versatile because i'm a real life woman!
  2. i want to live my life in a way that i never have to look back and regret anything.  i know i'm not perfect and i'll make mistakes (mistakenly) and i'll LEARN from those mistakes!  but, i hope to follow the Holy Spirit's leading enough to not make the kind of mistakes that you can't take back and the lesson learned haunts you for the rest of your life!
  3. i should have been born 100 years ago (at least).  i'm so old-fashioned in just about every way!
  4. i love all colors fairly equally.
  5. i LOVE to enjoy God's amazing and beautiful creation of the great outdoors!!!!
  6. i like learning new things in different ways.
  7. i trust God to lead my life... He's much better at it than me! 
and now, i will pass on the award to:  (drum roll rolling.....................................)

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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Anonymous said...

You deserved that blogger award!