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Sunday, February 6, 2011

packing things and steeling others

i heard that there is only 6 teams in the nfl that don't have cheerleaders (the professional type).  this 2011 souper bull will have 2 of those 6 playing.  perhaps this game will be one worth watching.
i wonder where the teams get their names.  well, sometimes (like in dallas) it's more obvious.  but othertimes, it lets my mind wander.  i'm sure i could google it and get a good story... but i like to wonder and wander.  i think it'll be fun to see who'll win this game today:  the team that packs things away, or the other team that steals things from people (perhaps from those that pack).
that being said, i really don't have much interest in the nfl.  it's nice that we have an idahoan link to this game (cory hall from glenn's ferry is on the greenbay packers.  he played for bsu just a few years ago.)  but that really won't spark too much more of my interest because he doesn't live in idaho anymore, nor does he play for bsu. 
that's about all that's on my mind (to write about) today.  i'll try and think some deep thoughts all day long and have a good writing week this next week again.  i've been on a dry spell for a bit.  i also need to work on my menu and get that up for the next few weeks. 
have a great sunday!
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