"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i love being mama

my kids are so precious.  they keep getting older and they are all developing so nicely.  i just love 'em! 

adejay is in an upcoming production with her school.  it seems like she's always gone, but she sure is helping a lot when she's home.  i miss her!

aleemay is doing really well.  we've been working her through this selfish phase she's in.  i can see that she's still clearly struggling, but she's pushing through it and even though i can tell she's forcing herself to think of others first, she's still choosing to force herself to do what's right.

jones is changing so much every single day.  he's just developing and becoming himself so much.  he's trying SO HARD to choose to do what's right.  it is SO HARD for him though.  he is such a naughty little man!!!  he, also is struggling with selfishness.  that's where his naughtiness stems from most of the time.  he just really wants everything HIS way!  and he has very little patience for things that aren't HIS way!!!  he was so cute today though, being such a good brother to starboy!  it was precious!

little boo is three now and it's just weird.  boo should be two forever because they just go together like that.  boo.  two.  anyway... i love her.  i mean, she's cute and she's cute.  but i also have to remember she's GOING to grow up and so that cuteness isn't going to take her through life.  she needs to learn some good lessons in character, because boy! she's cute!!!

and then there's starboy.  ...speaking of cute!  he's so hilarious.  he's turning into the class clown!  he's mastering all these funny faces.  he knows how to make his siblings laugh.  he's starting to really show that he really loves to make people laugh, however, he is still VERY shy around lots of people and unfamiliar people.  and it's weird who he chooses as familiar and unfamiliar...  i can't see a link with his decisions there!  anyway, he's cute and funny and i like him too.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." COMMENT! IT SHOWS ME THAT I'M BEING READ!!!


Bonnie and Troy said...

maybe boo will become bee.

you can also track your statistics and see how much you are being read.

Trenicker said...

YES! GREAT blog sister! I call you sister when I comment because I can never remember your code name, or how to spell it, and because you are my sister!
I especially like #1 weird face mask and Jones's bracelet and necklace.
Also, Starboy on the horse is HILARIOUS! he knows how to make his aunt laugh!
Oh, how i would love to see starboy and ila together now!

MamaT said...
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Anonymous said...

edited comment from liz: that's a lot of cuteness!!! time for some more! :P (just had to throw that in there! you are a great mom, [anwat], and you inspire me to be better. love you!

Trenicker said...

We are waiting to read a new blog about the show on sat. night!!!!
love you!

Kimberly said...

We loved having Starboy visit us last night, and I like seeing what the other kids are up to! Oh, and my girls think both of your girls have very pretty singing voices. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! I love those kids--every stinkin' one of them!