"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~Lin Yutang

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a blitz of the internet

our internet has been on the fritz lately.  we've had crazy weather, so maybe it wasn't a fritz as much as a blitz...  i don't know.  maybe there isn't a difference.  today i gave a call though and now it's ALL fixed!  phew.
crazy weather = we had several nice days followed by a gloriously warm day where i was able to open all the windows and let the air blow through.  i turned the heat completely off and just let fresh air clean everything up (germs, you know).  we've been sick off and on and off and on this month and it's just ridiculous!  little starboy had his first ear infection and pink eye!  where we got it, i don't know!!!  then i got all congested and congested (oh, i'm sorry, did i repeat myself?  i'm so congested i didn't hear myself the first time!).  and now adejay (who is NEVER sick, mind you) has an ear infection too along with major congestion.  boo is sick and will be sick (breathing congestion and nasal congestion) 'till summer i'm sure!  aleemay hunkered through it and didn't miss any school, but also wasn't feeling 100%.  mr. had a few days a bit back that he had to miss work even.  he's been healthy since.  jones is being quite the trooper.  i don't think he's gotten anything ... yet. 
so that was a rabbit trail.  i was saying all that to explain my desire to open up the house.  and we did, all day one day.  and then that next night it snowed.  and it's snowed or rained or hailed or all three each day since i think.  that's what i meant by crazy weather!
with the not so nice weather, i forget to have a happy heart.  so, please pray for my patience and my love and joy to return quickly...
here, i'll post some recent pix (with captions) to help:
i guess some won't need captions.  they'll just make you smile! 

starboy goes into the kitchen while i'm doing kitchen stuff.  he'll turn this stool over and sit inside it!  it was especially cute this time because he still had his coat on and he was just sippin' away at his milk...  nothing weird about that!!!  sometimes he'll slide all the way down and sit on the base/top of it and get stuck. 
another one that doesn't need a caption. 
yeah.  i love him! 
and her!!! 
and her!!!!!!!  this is otter pop's little 80's lady!  this was a birthday outfit she got...  yeah, it's coming back! 
he looks mean, but he's not.  unless you give him "the claw"!!!!!! 
my little prince charming.   
and my binkins.   
now this one needs explanation!  there was a church function that they had everyone dressed up as a nerd.  i'll tell you what though!  sometimes some people just CAN'T look nerdy, no matter how hard you try!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Liz said...

glad you posted. i was in serious need of something to do, not that i don't have tons to do. but i needed something to do. :) i finally started getting rid of the little cold i had (seriously, it was minor) and of course, the day before i have bunches of family come i feel it settle in my chest! grrr. i've only partially lost my voice. love that finnagen (uh, how you spell his name?) and thanks, now i need to make some cookies!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love those pictures. Starboy sure looks exactly like his sister in that one picture, I have to say!