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Monday, October 24, 2011

cardiologist update

here are my notes from the cardiologist appointment last thursday.  for those of you who are not "up" on my health issues, you can read this and then the linked post within that one for my whole heart story.

Cardiologist questionnaire:

What’s going on?  SVT  most likely AVNRT

Do the meds help?  apparently, since i haven't had an episode since taking them.  Why or why not?  they don't mess with anything other than the extra beat, IF it happens.  How can you tell?  What are they doing?  Block out the AV node extra electrical pulse.  Why did you choose them?  they don't lower the blood pressure.  they won't mess with the baby at all.  OB was on-board.  are there any other options for treatment?  (side effects)

What was my heart rhythm?  Was it the PSVT like Dr. Harris thought?  yes.  but that's a broad term.

How often is it happening and for how long?  At least 3 min. Is that a bearing on your treatment?  yes.  How fast?  200-250

What would happen if it didn’t automatically resolve when I laid down?   it would eventually go back to rhythm, but it would be a miserable 20 or so minutes for me if i didn't pass out before then.

What are your thoughts on this happening during pregnancy?  Is this effecting the baby?  How/why?  What are your thought on this happening not in pregnancy?  Why?
(i forgot to ask those... except for the baby question.  -answered above)

she's recommending me to consider the surgery for this after this pregnancy is over.  it's really pretty serious...

that's all i've got. 
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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bonniebee said...

we'll be praying for you and for baby!