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Thursday, October 20, 2011

thanks a lot, FINNAGEN!

the other day, tuesday to be exact, i was watching a new friend's two little girls.  she had come to pick them up and i was cleaning up the table from lunch.  there were crumbs galore atop it because of some sandwich eating child mess. 
i wasn't cleaning it like most people.  (or maybe i was.  i don't know.)  i was wiping everything straight to the floor.  the new friend, i'll call her "bridgette" was like, "uh.. anwat... that's going right on the floor!" 
i smiled to her like i had a great secret up my sleeve and then opened the back door to let our living vacuum cleaner in (my great secret up my sleeve). 
good ol' finnagen comes trotten in... sniffs around at the huge mess of crumbs... and then trotts right back out.
nice buddy.  way to make me look like a slob right in front of my new friend!  whose children i had just watched!  ...for several hours!  see if she lets that happen again!

ps.  hot diggity dog!  i FINALLY spelled vacuum the right way the first time without spell check!!!
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Nicnic said...

that is pretty funny. congrats on the spelling, i can't seem to ever get that word right!

Jen said...

I only learned in the last few years how to spell vacuum. Such a stinker of a word!

Also, funny. My parent's dog is Finnagen too. It's rare that we hear of anyone else with a dog named that. They named him that for our Irish heritage. My brother has him now. He's a huge black lab that they got as a puppy about 2 years ago. Sweet dog.

Anyway, I'm rambling.
Congrats on your pregnancy! Hang in there!

MamaT said...

when we got finnagen from the pound he was already named. i was so happy because he had a good name already and naming pets is hard.
although he didn't seem to know his name... made me wonder. and then it made me wonder again when a couple months later we were looking at the pound for a dog for my mother-in-law, there was ANOTHER finnagen there. i wonder if they have a list of names for the pets. ??? but he's finnagen now and he knows it.

Amy @ Kitchen and Kids said...

That is hilarious. We have hard wood floors all over our house and that is how my husband cleans our floor. I think that is what is great about dogs. We have two.