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Monday, October 31, 2011

baby and pregnancy update (gender spoiler alert)

i had my mid-term ultrasound today.  i was wrong, he's not a boy after all.  turns out he never was.  this little baby inside me is following our pattern.  he's a GIRL!  and SHE's awfully cute.

that's the good news.  the other good news is that we had a girls name picked out too... but you won't squeeze that info out of me until she's born.  don't even try.

so then that's two good news, here's the catch.  that little sweet thing has already misplaced her placenta.  (it is hers right?  it's surely not MY misplaced placenta... i got rid of mine almost 30 years ago --and it wasn't misplaced i might add.)  i might have placenta previa.  i get to say "might" because they say that often times it will scootch on over to a better place where it isn't touching my cervix.  currently though, the edge of it is a little above my cervix... so that's no good. 

a little info:  the placenta is the baby's bag o' nutrients.  the "afterbirth".  the placenta attaches itself on the uterine wall via blood vessels.  it attaches itself wherever it chooses with no reasoning.  so if it attaches itself over a hole(like, oh, let's just say a cervix... because it's the only hole you've got in your uterus -if in fact you have a uterus-), when the hole starts to open (or as some might say, dilate) the blood vessels are in turn just pretty much turned on (kinda like a faucet).  like an open wound.  that can't really scab up because it's an internal open wound.  well, until the hole closes... then it "scabs" so to speak... but really it just closes its faucet. 

anyway, like i said before, the placenta might move as the uterus grows...  and that's what we need to pray for.  otherwise i'm in for a c-section.  but, we need to be specific in praying for it to move the right way (as in, not towards, but AWAY FROM my cervix).  otherwise i'm in for a whole lot of bed rest as well as the c-section.  i'm not wanting either of those.  so please pray right and pray hard.  God is powerful and He can move mountains... so certainly He can move my baby's placenta if He wills. 
ready, set, pray!

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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bonniebee said...

I'm pretty sure I know part of the baby's name...

the placenta is an amazing thing. It's the only organ that you can just grow because you need it. And it's the only organ that your body just gets rid of when you are done needing it.

We will pray that the Lord's will be done and that it moves on out of the way. But since we trust in God and know that he answers all prayers, we will accept any outcome and with his love and support we will get through anything!