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Sunday, October 2, 2011

dinner anyone???

last week sucked without a menu.  it didn't actually suck.  we ate every night.  and we enjoyed our meals.  i've just grown accustomed to having a menu up on our fridge so i know what to get out in the morning and what to prep for come about 3pm.  but thankfully i had a friend that really pulled through for me though and gave me a few ideas... :)  (which i wrote down in place of a menu... because that's a lot different...)  and then i finished off the week with a concoction.  --i haven't done that in a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time!  but it wasn't bad.  i thought it was pretty good... but when i asked if i should do it again i didn't get a loud "heck yeah!"  (or a quiet one either).  although aleemay, myself, and starboy all had healthy 2nd portions... 
just for reference, i'll tell you what was in it and why it wasn't a hit:  ground beef. red curry lentil soup (that TOTALLY wasn't red!). black beans. corn. chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, minced onion. served with fritos and/or chili cheese fritos, mexican blend shredded cheese, and sour cream.
why it wasn't a hit?  the soup.  it has a very unique flavor.
here's what i've come up with for this week:
  • pulled pork sandwiches with this scrumdiddlyumptious-looking recipe of baked beans that i found this last week, cole slaw, and corn on the cob... or not on the cob... aleemay lost her two bottom teeth and they all found out that they like it cut off just as well.  (which is pretty much corn.  so?)
  • blt's ---because we haven't had any this year and it's one of me and my hubs MOST FAVORITE fresh yummy meals.  with french fries.
  • thai chicken and noodle salad with fried rice... that's homemade... because i know how now!  (and it's easy!!!)
  • you know that hamburger stroganoff recipe i posted several several weeks back?  the one that was a hamburger helper stroganoff copycat... i never made it!  so i will this week and i'll still serve it with green beans too.  AND we'll enjoy it!  so there.
  • roasted chicken with these carrots i saw being made on america's test kitchen last week, and mashed potatoes.  ---and speaking of america's test kitchen... i really like that show!  it's awesome!!!  i LOVE the recipes [well, most of 'em] and the hints and mostly the reasoning they give behind what they do.  i like reasons.  they help!  i hope that link gets you to the right site.  you have to register to actually see the recipe though i think.
  • double layer tacos (or tacos wearing protection, if you will), with refried beans and rice.  (note:  this is the rice i'll have to use to fry up for that thai chicken night.)
  • meatloaf with that awesome potato salad that is like no other potato salad you've had.  because it's good. (that is unless you've had this salad before... then it'll be remarkably similar.)  oh.  and more green beans.  we like 'em and they're healthy... what can i say???
    • and sorry again about that link.  it's the lamest post i've ever written.  i'll make it better after i make the salad this time.  add pictures... add the actual recipe... etc.

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


Amy @ Kitchen and Kids said...

Thank you for stopping by Kitchen and Kids. I left you a couple of replies. I hate it when I don't plan my menu. We eat, but it isn't anything good. Your menu this week looks great. I'll have to try the double layer tacos sometime. Have a great week.

Liz said...

so, was i that great friend that helped you with the meal plan? :D i only guess cuzz we were "discussing" those chicken recipes. oh and how that i'm thinking about it, i'll go grab the recipe for floating tacos and fruit syrup and email them to you! and btw, lets get together soon. the last few times i've seen ya, we haven't been able to chat long.