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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

recent going ons here

i've been meaning to post an august-end-of-month run-down...  but that hasn't happened yet and i keep getting further and further behind here too.  if you come here to keep updated with our lives, i'm failing you miserably.  there have been so many wonderful adventures and excitement that i haven't shared.
latest news:
yesterday i met with a cardiologist.  i've been having many heart episodes as of late, and they aren't as severe as they have been, but much more frequent.  so, that's alarming. 
*note to self to write a whole blog on my heart history and link it here*
they hooked me up to this awesome monitering system.  i have three stickers stuck on me with wires that come down to a little beeper-looking-thing (b-l-t) that hangs on my hip (or wherever i want to hang it).  this b-l-t transmits my heart reading to a cell-phone-looking-thing (c-p-l-t) that i just have to have in a central place in our house (our kitchen).  somehow that c-p-l-t communicates with some teletechs somewhere and they're monitering my heart 24/7.  if i accidentally leave range of the c-p-l-t, as soon as i return in range, it will pick up everything that happened while i was away. 
i think it's pretty cool.  and, it's a much better system than trying to run laps on a treadmill in hopes that i'll have an episode in a dr's office!
that first week that i was sick, i was having an episode every day and twice on one day.  so... that's what spurred the cardiologist appointment.  i hope (as weird as that is) that i can trigger an episode while i'm being monitered so that they can pin point exactly what's wrong with my heart.  i don't know if anything will need to be done about it, or if anything will be able to be done about it... but knowing the cause is better than just taking a guess and labling it. 
the kids all think the wire system is pretty rad.  the boys especially like the b-l-t.  i wish that i could get a reading of some of it... but that's just 'cause i'm weird like that.
things are going pretty well, other than that.  i have post after post of news to put up here but until i start finding more time /slash/ finding more energy /slash/ be less tired, you'll just have to imagine what we're up to and what kind of fun we are having!
maybe i'll get the august month-review done so you can start wondering about september, since it's almost over!  geeze!!!
ok, well, my eyelids are starting to drag...

oh, btw... i lost my camera.  so, that even makes posting even less exciting!!!  i have had so many kodak moments (because they all are, right?!), but can't find it anywhere!!!  if you see it, let me know.
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  


Nicnic said...

oh good. glad you are figuring out your heart thing. If you want to have an episode, just take all the kids to winco, when they are SUPER busy and buy lots of groceries you have to bag yourself. That works for you every time! :)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to find out if you had any PSVT episodes while you were on the cardiac monitor. Or are you still on it?

MamaT said...

I HAD AN EPISODE THIS MORNING!!! i've never been happy to be short of breath before!